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A hot Saturday night right at the end of July and I find myself in Basingstoke, a small pub just outside the busy city centre. The band I’ve come to see are 12 Truths, I’ve been hearing lots of good things about this rock three piece from many friends and was thrilled to finally have a Saturday night free to come along and see what the fuss was all about.

I’m always dubious about walking into a unknown pub, I needn’t of worried all the locals were very friendly and there were even a few familiar faces. The support for tonight's gig was 'Exit Strategy' a five piece rock band from the Basingstoke and Reading area's, the pub was so full it was quite difficult to get through to the small stage, they played a tight powerful set with some excellent vocal work from lead vocalist Andy Tate who really seemed to enjoying performing to the audience who were all appreciate of the bands set, which included the impressive ’Breaking Out' and 'What's Wrong What's Right’.

After a short interval lead singer/guitarist Mark Stratton lead his band comprising of Eddie Marco(Bass) and Danny Traynor(Drums)  to the stage, kicking off the set with 'Magnetic' a great opener which included some quality rock guitar work combining with Mark's powerful vocals. Mark’s long hair and white Gibson Les Paul guitar reminded me a little of Justin Hawkins from The Darkness, with the attitude and style of say The Cult's Billy Duffy.

The band continued with a set that lasted for well over a hour and a half which included many more powerful classic rock numbers and a couple of solo ballads including a heartfelt vocal performance on 'Tell Me'. The heavier 'What Do I Want' and the aptly titled 'Finally' closed the set which ended with the band doing a jam with all sorts of guitar rifts being cleverly mashed together. The problem with inner city pub gigs is that they always have a curfew so as not to upset their neighbors, tonight was no different and despite their being a couple of tasty covers on the set-list the band had to leave the stage with the crowd wanting more.


If Only
8 Years Ago
Waiting for My Moment
Take the Pain Away
Tell Me
Life Chosen by the Wind
Hope Dreams
From A Dream
Small Paradise
What Do Me Want 

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