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13Rockets are a punk rock band that got together in Barcelona about one year ago. 

Al King  watched in amusement how so many really bad local bands were kinda getting away with it (meaning actual people liked their boring crap and went to their shows etc. So since he’d been  playing guitar since he was a teenager,  and had been into R n’ R since he was born,  well , he said one day, why the hell not pick up my guitar again and start a new band right now?

So he did, and although the search for the bass player and drummer was long,  hard and frustrating, he eventually did hook up with the current members.

So, here we've got Al, Eddie, bass player and HD custom bike addict amongst other delicacies, and Ruben, the master of the drums.  Saturday night Sept. 27 Barcelona, the drummer for 13 Rockets tonight is Jordi Martos, possibly the coolest drum player in the area, as well as the best. Too bad he’s in a Pink Floyd cover band, oh well. 13 Rockets opened the show tonight for a fellow friend local band.

After  the  never to be missed technical problems  happening  during the soundcheck , the place  opened doors and was quickly bursting with the usual suspects.  Their musical introduction  from a 1971 spaghetti western movie prepared us for the appearance of  the mildly disgusted  three. No words to salute anyone, they just kick it off with “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”,  simply a motherfucker of a song.

The set list goes on fast and sharp,  combining songs of their own such as “Coast To coast”, “Drive Fast” and “Bad Luck” with their own covers of “Pretty Vacant”, “Born To loose”, “Sweet Little Hitch-hiker”  or “Rock And Roll Nigger”.

The audience responds and the band rocks  them out non-stop with their their crude, rude rough sound. It strips the paint off the walls and the panties down the girls (those ones with them on). As if in a severely misplaced Vegas seventies Elvis concert, a couple of stinky worn out bras fly away into the stage towards the end of the show, both pieces of clothing later very welcomed and appreciated by  the sound technician.

The shows over, and I go backstage to ask Al a few questions for this lil’ interview as the other show starts.


Hey Al, great show! Look I wanna ask you a few things here..

RachelWhat lead you to form the band?

Al - The reason is simple, I wanted a way  to express myself one hundred percent, and be able to have other band members who would understand me and have the same concept as I have of what a R n’R band has to be. With that you make sure things are gonna work out fine, now were a three piece and that is best for less conflicts within the band and decisions easier to make. Also, to me bands like 13 Rockets are important because it is more and more difficult to find the real thing in R n’R, nowadays a lot of the existing rock bands show very little authenticity, no substance, and I just don't believe their shit.

Rachel - How do you see the current supposed R n’R scene in Barcelona?


Al - There just doesn’t exist a R n’ R scene in Barcelona! Barcelona has become just another filthy nest for indie and pop music, all exclusively made for tourists, and then there’s the electronic music, which is huge here. There are a few local rock bands who are very good, but those can be counted with the fingers of a hand. The situation here is fucked up.


Rachel -What kind of sound do you wanna achieve and what do you want 13 Rockets to be?


Al - We make rocknroll, with balls and attitude. That’s the basics and will always be the music were gonna do. If  I’m gonna play rock, I’m gonna make it rebel. I want 13 Rockets to be able to communicate that we make real rocknroll, and that people can appreciate and distinguish it from the rest, enjoy it, and of course, reach as many people in the world for sure.


Rachel - What are your favourite bands, the ones you listen to these days?


Al – Wow,  well I’m a super-fan of  Texas Terri Bomb that’s for sure, I am really so much looking forward to see her in November here!! I wanna meet her too, it’s exciting. I have enjoyed a lot Down’s last cd, and their recent show too.


Rachel – Tell me, do you like gladiator movies?..


Al - Hahaha yeah I know where you’re coming from… I have watched some classic movies, it’s not really my style of movie but… I say you should ask some other member of the band.. hahaha.


Rachel - If you could choose the band of your dreams, with you in it, whom would be the chosen ones, alive or death, and which song would you play?


Al - Hmm that’s a good question.. But it’s very easy to me: I’d play lead guitars with Slash, Izzy  as rhythm guitar, Axl on vocals. Duff on bass and Steven Adler on drums!! Hahaha!! And we’d play  “Welcome To the Jungle”! Now that’d be a dream come true yea!


 Rachel - So Al, do you enjoy wrestling with girls on mud or what?


Al - Oh, but of course!! and the more girls the better! I used to do it every week, you know, but lately I’ve cut down to once a month.. 


Rachel  - C’mon and tell me whatever the fuck you wanna say now.. 


Al -  Sure.  Rock n’ Rolllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Interview By Rachel 27.09.08

Photos by NoClassPhoto

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