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The 3-4-1 credit crunch busting tour as it was billed featuring The Damned, The Alarm and Henry Cluney rolled in to Brighton for the last night of the tour, the Concorde 2 is situated right on Brighton's famous seafront and as early as 6.30pm a queue started to form outside the venue made up of fans eagerly awaiting seeing this mouth watering bill.
Henry Cluney wandered on stage with his acoustic guitar picked it up and just started playing, Cluney has been absent from the music scene since he left Stiff Little Fingers over 15 years ago, he's back with his Northern Irish charm playing some of the songs that have become punk classics, "Suspect Device" "Barb Wire Love" and "Alternative Ulster" get a massive cheer from the crowd who sing along to every word, however this put off a some what humble Cluney who needed little time to compose himself before continuing. Henry left the stage to loud applause and cheering and got summoned back for another with a make shift  band, made up of mainly stage hands and roadies. The volume was turned up and Henry ended his set in style as he started with a brilliant full band electric version of "Suspect Device" which included current Stiff Little Fingers and Alarm drummer Steve Grantley on drums. A truly great start to the evening.
The Alarm hit the stage with "Three Sevens Clash" from their recent " Guerrilla Tactics" album  and the crowd do not know what has him them, Mike Peters and the band are on top form and play with masses of energy and emotion. A really great set list of old and new tracks delivered perfectly winning over many new fans in the process. When supporting a band such as The Damned, The Alarm must feel that they have to really up their game and tonight they did this, to show the "Damned" fans they could compete with the main attraction.  Mike Peters stated during a rousing version of "Spirit of 76" that he originally formed his 1st band The Toilets in 1977 when punk was at it's height, this tour had seen an ambition come true supporting "The Damned". The set ended with powerful versions of classic hits "Rescue Me" and "68 Guns" which had virtually everybody in the place singing at the tops of their voices, after a set like this how possibly could any band follow it ?
The ever popular Captain Sensible arrived on stage in his home town, welcoming everyone in the audience in his own special way "alright" , Pinch(Drums), Stu West(Bass) and the completely mad Monty Oxymoron joined him starting the opening of "Love Song", Dave Vanian or "Dave DeVille" as the captain called him strolls on stage and delivered the vocals in his own style  just as well as he sung them in 1977. There was complete chaos in the mosh pit with hundreds of sweaty bodies bouncing up with huge grins on their faces seemingly enjoying every minute. Despite releasing successful quality albums like "Machine Gun Etiquette", "The Black Album" and "Strawberries" in the 70's and 80's the band continue to record with their latest offering "So Who's Paranoid" with some great songs including "Nation Fit For Heroes" and the brilliant "Under the Wheels"  which sounded great live. "Dark Asteroid" a trippy 60's style track was dedicated to the late Pink Floyd member Syd Barrett who apparently very nearly produced one on the bands early albums, the track included some amazing guitar work with the Captain and Monty ending the track with some Looney drumming centre stage. A near riot hit the Concorde as the band belted out an awesome energetic version of "Smash it Up" which saw people flying all over the place in the mosh pit and even bouncing off the walls. After leaving the stage The Damned were called back for a well deserved encore with deafening shouts for more, they arrived back on stage with all the members of The Alarm and Henry Cluney for an fantastic version of T-Rex's 20th Century Boy with Dave Vanian, Mike Peters and Henry Cluney all taking turns on lead vocals, a great end to an absolutely awesome evening. Lets hope we get some more credit crunch busting line -ups this touring in the future.
Henry Cluney
Alternative Ulster
Here We are Nowhere
Barbed wire Love
Gotta Get Away
Wasted Life
Suspect Device
The Alarm
Three Seven's Clash
Where You Hiding When the Storm Broke ?
Absolute Reality
Alarm Calling
Without a Fight
My Town
Spirit of 76
45 RPM
Rescue Me
68 Guns
The Damned
Love Song
Anti Pope
New Rose
History Of the World(Part 1)
Wait For The Blackout 
Nation Fit For Heroes
Dozen Girls
Neat Neat Neat
Under the Wheels 
Melody Lee
Dark Asteroid
Noise Noise Noise
Jet Boy Jet Girl
Stretcher Case Baby
Smash it Up(Part's 1+2)
20th Century Boy(with The Alarm + Henry Cluney) 
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