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Alter Bridge's third album 'Alterbridge III' is possibly one of the most highly anticipated rock albums of 2010,  the 13 track CD is the follow up to the excellent masterpiece 'Blackbird' which was certainly a very hard album to follow. Tonight the Guildhall is packed full of a crowd with high expectations as quite possibly this could be Southampton's gig of the year. Tonight's support Slaves To Gravity who won  Kerrang's 2008 Best British newcomer award and showed they were worthy of the prize by putting in a fine set performing numbers from their albums Scatter The Crow' and soon to be released 'underwaterouterspace'. The four piece from London powered through 30 minutes with lead singer Tommy Gleeson giving his all to the largely sadly unresponsive crowd who seemingly were here to see just one band. 

At 9:15pm the lights went out, much to the delight of the very patient high capacity crowd, the band took to the stage with the noise from the audience almost deafening.  Myles Kennedy stood centre stage with the spotlights on him singing the opening few lines to the first track on the new album 'Slip To The Void', it was almost as if he was teasing the audience as the song starts really slowly, then after a minute or so the whole band completely lets rip with the three guitars and drums carving a huge soundscape throwing it right over the heads of the delighted audience. The band continued after the explosive start with amazing confidence just showing the Southampton audience what they are capable of  with songs such as 'Brand New Start', 'Ties That Bind' and 'Come To Life' had everyone singing along all with huge satisfied smiles on their faces.


The band left the stage and the place erupted with massive applause with everyone in unison shouting  'A-l-te-r-B-r-id-ge' over and over again until Myles Kennedy returned to the stage with just an acoustic guitar, which for a moment gave everybody's eardrums a short break, a pitch perfect version of  'Watch Over You'  followed by Mark Tremonti joining in with a emotional version of ‘Wonderful Life'  which left the audience still begging for more. The final two numbers will remain in my memory and my eardrums for a long time to come 'Isolation' and 'Rise Today'  - performed at such a blistering pace with the band putting their last ounce of energy into the stunning performance which just proved to me that they are one of the best live metal bands around today.


Slip To the Void
Buried Alive
Before Tomorrow Comes
Still Remains
Brand New Start 
White Knuckles
All Hope Is Gone
Ghost of Day Gone By
Broken Wings
Ties That Bind
One Day Remains
I Know It Hurts
Come To Life
Open Your Eyes
Watch over You (Acoustic) 
Wonderful Life
Rise Today

Photos thanks to Adam Chalmers -

Review/video by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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