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The Backyard Babies the Scandinavian punk rockers played Bikini in Barcelona, Saturday October 4th. 

I hadn’t seen them since their last tour in 2006, and this time I really wanted to see them because their new cd rocked.

The small venue was packed and sold out. After  Bullet, their support band during this whole tour (by the way, greetings from here to Adam and Hampus, it was very cool bumping into you in the middle of the night shortly after the show, I do hope you  enjoyed Barcelona!), it was the ByBs turn.

The staging of the show was simple and straight and rocked to the max.  Their ByB giant skull flag standing on the back, the drum kit in the middle of a stack of several vintage amps all decorated  with little red lights.  Several  red police sirens adorned the stage too.

Then the lights went down, the red lights went up, and the song “ Who Killed Bambi” from “The Great  RnR Swindle”  started to sound, and there they came, the four of them,  Peder on drums,  Dregen on guitar, Nicke on  voice and guitar, and Johan on bass. They took positions all facing Peder and  giving their backs to the audience. Then..  bang!! There came “The Ship”!!  Their show was super energetic as usual, but still much more than the last time i saw them!!  Gooooood!!!!  Peder was awesome on drums!  Dregen was literally like a bolt of lightning. Hell,  did he play guitar! Moving, shaking, rockin’ non-stop, doing Chuck Berry’s duck walk dance step every now and then. Nicke sang with rage and played guitar and gave us a lot of attitude, whoa, yeah well done man! 

Almost all of the set list were songs from their last album “Backyard Babies”,  “Fuck Off And Die”, “Degenerated”, and “back On The Juice”  shook up the place, but also ”Idiots” and “Brand New Hate” were a blast, but the best for me was when they played both “Highlights” and “Look At You” one right after the other, both from their “Total 13” album.  I instantly went back in time 10 years ago when I saw them for the first time in Mephisto,  a tiny club in Barcelona, one of the best shows I’ve ever been to in my life!

The acoustic rendition of “Saved By The Bell” by Nicke all alone with his guitar was beautiful, and the show closed with “Bombed”, yet another “Total 13” favourite!!

What a categorically stunning show..  We had all a great time, although it was a little too short for me, an hour of this electric discharge is not enough after two years, so hey guys,  make sure you tour  more often and come back here at least once a year!!

Oh yeah!

Backyard Babies Myspace -  Go add them now


 All pictures by NoClassPhoto

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