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The venue, Bar Bliss describes itself as an indie pub/club in the town of Leigh, in the borough of Wigan, who regularly holds, club nights, live shows & is advertising The Charlatans Afershow party with Clint Boon.

We’d arrived at 9pm, it was just a couple of quid to get in, a great price to see three bands play. Unfortunately there wasn’t much of a turn out, but as Exile Parade began to play a few more people arrived, by the time Dirty Circus did their thing, more had flocked around the room. The lighting as with so many smaller venues leaves a lot to be desired, for photography purposes anyway, hence all my photos being in mono.


DEADBEAT ECHOES: A great name for a bunch of very young guys, but playing like pros, just need to work a little on your image and your almost there, musically they were on top form. All kinds of influences spring to mind here, I can hear the Buzzcocks, meets rockabilly, does pop, a really strange & appealing mix of music. Jack seemed a little more anxious singing that talking, which he was very confident in doing, when he introduced song titles and told us that this was the first time they were performing this song live. They have a single out on iTunes ‘Nothing To Prove’. Good luck guys, I’m sure you have a great future ahead of you.

The Band: Jack Fearon - Vox/Electric Guitar, Anthony Waring - Electric Guitar, Michael Newton - Bass Guitar, Sam Bell - Drums/Backing Vox

EXILE PARADE – I saw this band play live last month, in Preston, now they were playing closer to home, so I took another opportunity to go and see them, having witnessed the energised, frenzied performance last time. The singer Lomax seemed a little nervous, initially, guess it’s always daunting when there’s no reaction from the audience. He still has that wonderful, arrogant, youthful, Mick Jagger vibe going on, and as they rattle into the next song, the paces go up a notch. The jackets off and ready for action, the guitarists are grooving into combat, the great tunes these guys are drilling out will be stuff of legends. Hurry up with your first album!These guys are constantly playing live check them out at a venue near you. My favourite out of the three bands on offer tonight.

The Band: Lomax - voice, Phil - guitar/Backing Vocals, Chris - lead Guitar, Dave - bass, Mutchy - drums

The set list:’ Waste’, Suicide’, ‘Blue’,’ Disco’, ‘Thieves’,’ Slow motion’, ‘Fire Walk With Me’.  

DIRTY CIRCUS - A band obviously known around the Wigan circuit, a small gathering of supporters & girlfriends milling around. At one point the singer, said it’s like a funeral in here. He did however try to liven the atmosphere up by getting into the small crowd, on the dancefloor, some of who were singing along with him. I thought they had a touch of Happy Mondays, indie rave, in a mix with guitar licks, the sentiments were echoed by another guy I spoke to later. If your into your dance music this band is worth checking out.  

The show ended and we chatted to Exile's Parade manager & Phil the guitarist and got some promo discs, which we played on route home. The single ‘Heart Into Suicide’ is just so catchy.

Review & photos by Mel (more photos here)

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