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The Bowling For Soup  "Party in Your Pants" tour rolls into Bournemouth on their penultimate date of a 10 date UK tour, the newly renamed and rebranded O2 Academy is absolutely packed with excited fans waiting to see what their favourite band has to offer. Mc Lars  takes to the stage in front on a huge video screen,  the seven piece band immediately get a great reception from the audience with many of them seemingly familiar with their material such as "Ahab" which is all about the whale from the film Moby Dick and the song features a sample from Oxford band "Supergrass".  Jaret Reddick from Bowling For Soup joins the band on the stage much to the delight of everyone to add vocals to "Download this Song" which features another sample, this time from Iggy Pop's "The Passenger". The band mix rap and rock in a new fresh way along the lines of the Beastie Boys and have a excellent entertaining live show which seemed to have gained the some more new fans tonight.
Photo: Zebrahead
Before Zebrahead even took to the stage the vast major of the crowd started to chant their name and it got louder and louder until they eventually arrived on stage to an amazing reception. The atmosphere in the place was absolutely electric as the band started their set , lead vocalist Ali Tabatabaee paced around the stage getting everybody in the audience fired up and a huge mosh pit soon developed in the middle of the dance floor,  at one point Ali requested the everybody in the venue sit down on the floor and on his mark made everybody jump up in the air, which was quite a sight. The highlight of the set was a great version of Avril Lavgine's hit "Girlfriend" which includes a hilarious large Avril Lavgine look-a-like in drag dancing around the stage flirting with the band members. Mixing rap with ska and Punk "Anthem" proved to be probably the best track of the night. Zebrahead should be immensely proud of themselves to get such an amazing reaction as they did tonight that the did almost blowing the headliners off stage.
The lights go down and Jaret Reddick and Erik Chandler appear on the huge video screen from the dressing room to introduce a fan based competition with hilarious consequences, the video stops the intro music starts and there they are everybody's favourite punk rock comedy heroes live on stage in Bournemouth, kicking off with "The Bitch Song" the audience sing the words right back at them. Chris Burney possibly the largest guitarist in the world as well as playing guitar is doing tricks with his plectrums throwing them up in the air with his elbow and then catching them. The crowd are treated to tracks from the new album 10th studio album "Sorry For Partyin" including the hilarious "My Wena" and "Hooray For Beer" which both have great video footage featured on the huge video screen behind the stage. During one track "Ohio(Come Back to Texas)' the whole band leave the stage mid song and are replaced by another band who just carry on playing. Bowling for Soup really know how to entertain and put on an awesome show full of fun and surprises with even a Katy Perry cover thrown in to the set. During the encore  the band play "A Really Cool Dance Song" and are joined on stage by all of the support bands, which makes for a really crowded stage with them all dancing and singing together. The encores see the whole crowd singing along to the classic "1985", the band who have clearly had lots of fun tonight thanked the audience for their support and left the stage to a massive warm reception, sending everybody home with huge smiles on their faces.
The Bitch Song 
I'm Gay  
My Wena
Ohio (Come Back To Texas)
No Hablo Ingles 
High School Never Ends
If Only
Hooray For Beer
The Last Rock Show
Punk Rock 101
Hot N' Cold (Katy Perry Cover)
When We Die
Girl All The Bad Guys Want
A Really Cool Dance Song
Zebrahead- Video
Review/photos/videos by Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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