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It’s a warm Friday night in Brighton. Phil & I meet Lynda, Simon & Braz beforehand in a nearby pub. We’re expecting four supports, all local bands, none which we’ve heard of before.  Not sure when to head down so we drink some more before our seafront stroll. Brighton Coalition (formerly the Beach) has been revamped from stark late 90’s pre-club bar to 500 capacity venue (although it appears smaller). Staff  seem friendly- no scary bouncers or bag searches here.

We catch part of two other bands but spend lots of time talking/drinking & sitting in the diner area until Buzzcocks appear onstage.

It’s now rammed with folks young and older. Tony Barber, currently working temporarily with the Pistols, has been replaced by Chris Remington, excellent bassist from Steve Diggle’s band. They launch into Boredom, quickly followed by all the faves including songs not heard live in ages: ‘Why Can’t I Touch It’, ‘Alive Tonight’ & ‘When Love Turns Around’ from the TTT album. Enthusiastic punters go mad- I move away from the front for fear of being squashed.

After an hour they’re finished. The crowd yell for more. One encore (Harmony in My Head/Orgasm Addict/Ever Fallen…) and it’s over by midnight.





Diggle’s dripping with sweat (must be all those Pete Townsend guitar moves). Pete shouts ‘thank-you Brighton’. Buzzcocks shake hands with people across the stage. We stay on for the club after. Great to meet everyone later in a tiny, steamy backstage area smaller than our bathroom! Ouch my head hurts today.

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