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“16 again”...well not exactly, it's my 47th birthday. First gig for 2009 too- what better way to celebrate than watching Buzzcocks airing 'Another Music in a Different Kitchen'/'Love Bites' back to back on their aptly named 'Another Bites' tour. This band shouldn't require long intro's. For those unaware, Tony Barber, bass player of many years (yes, a lot longer than Steve Garvey) recently departed. Some might know new addition Chris Remington from Diggle's own band.


Missed The Lurkers supporting but everyone (including Pete Shelley) gave favourable reports. Bristol Academy's a lovely venue, good layout, friendly staff (although one strict bouncer told Phil he couldn't take video footage), clean lavs, terribly polite sweaty moshpit tonight. Buzzers looked fantastic, Pete sporting a gorgeous Mondrian shirt, Steve in red 'n' white polka dots.  Chris, more animated, jumped around confidently.


After all eleven songs from album no.1 in perfect order, familiar creepy looped up 'bleeps' preceded a launch into 'Love Bites'. Personal highlight - definitely 'Late For The Train', apparently not played live for over 30 years. Danny drummed with ease, although I couldn't see him throughout. Watching Pete, Steve and Chris standing motionless, sometimes in darkness (great use of lighting) got me thinking I'd love to hear more experimental stuff from my fave band. Sounding slower than the LP version (anyone fancy a waltz?) Operators Manual also shone.

One lengthy encore followed, including remaining singles and B sides in order of release from 'Orgasm Addict' to 'Lipstick'. This not a love song, this is not a love song” chanted Steve Diggle before final number 'Harmony in My Head'. Some good old guitar moves/Townsend windmills ended a great show.

Lovely to meet everyone again. Thanks to Buzzcocks for being so friendly and hospitable afterwards. See you on Jan 30th (I hope). For anyone thinking of attending an upcoming show, get your tickets now. You'll not be disappointed. The albums have been recently re-issued (plus 1979's 'A Different Kind of Tension') with brilliant extras/demos, available at bargain prices from Amazon.


Review by Shelley Guild

Photo's from Phil Guild


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