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Missed Carbon/Silicon in Hastings some time ago and couldn’t make the famous Casino gigs earlier this year. Really looked forward to catching them at Brighton’s new(ish) seafront venue. Loads of rain & wind didn’t deter us, although I’d normally avoid anywhere near the beach in such awful weather conditions. 

By 9pm the Coalition was full but not overcrowded.

Noticed their roof had sprung a leak so moved to a nice comfy seat. Missed most of The Perils (support), who we’d seen before. Had a chat with Mr Nigey B (hope your socks dried out quickly) but halfway through our conversation Carbon Silicon hit the stage. We quickly leapt up to find places near the band. Immediately, the mostly middle aged punters began jumping about to ‘Magic Suitcase’. Cover ‘Reason to Believe’ sounded great with everyone singing along. No ‘Caesars Palace’ (my fave song) but who cares? Only one encore but a club night followed and I think there was a strict curfew. Am sure they would’ve carried on if allowed.

Mick and Tony looked noticeably happy with massive smiles throughout the whole show. They seemed genuinely pleased to be there, thanking everyone for venturing out on such a grim evening. This rubbed off on the crowd creating an extremely friendly atmosphere. People smiling in Brighton? Carbon/Silicon should definitely visit more often! Thanks to the young girl who let Phil take a piccy of her precious set list. We had a fantastic night! 

Photo’s by Phil Guild

 Carbon/Silicon website