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Hampton's have the great honour of hosting punk stalwarts "Chelsea" after a reforming for a UK wide tour with Stiff Little Fingers, Chelsea are back with two dates in intimate venues.

Tonight there was assembled 3 quality support bands, the 1st of which is "The Liabilities" fronted by Dan Williams who looks like a cross between Phil Jupitus and James Corden, their ska/punk rock music is played at a really fast and furious pace with tracks such as a drinking song called "Lets Get Wrecked" and a song called "B.T.M.C." apparently about shagging "Fat Birds". "The Liabilities" are from Bognor Regis on the south coast of England and claim to be one of the fastest punk bands in the UK and certainly be this performance, I cannot argue with that.

Portsmouth Boys "Night of Treason" are next up and lead vocalist "Pinky" does his best to whip up the small crowd, the band play a great mixture of self written tunes and punk covers. "Letter from the Front" a track from their "Gentlemen & Hooligans" EP is an absolutely stunning emotional masterpiece which is dedicated to all the soldiers that lost their lives fighting in wars and should appear on the forth-coming debut album which should be available next year. Another self penned track "My Town" all about their home town of Portsmouth was belted out, a very brave move in the rival town of Southampton, everybody was enjoying the music too much to bother. Ending their set with a rousing sing-a-long version of "Speed + Glue" the band left the stage having impressed virtually everyone in the venue.

Photo: Night Of Treason

"XX Cortez" took to the stage with Rob Castle(Vocals/Guitar) and Jim Jefferies(Lead Vocals/guitar) certainly looking that part of members in a punk band , with the tattoo's, haircuts, leather jackets and piercings. With fast paced songs such as "Slut" and "Creatures of the Night" getting the rather drunken crowd up and dancing with many of them falling over the monitors on to the stage. The band play a great 30 minute set was packed with tracks that mix punk with psychobilly and rockabilly in large amounts.

Photo: XX Cortez


"Chelsea" comprise of  Gene October(Lead Vocalist), Chris Bashford(Drums), Tony Barber(Bass Borrowed from The Buzzcocks) and James Stephenson who can also be found playing in "The Alarm", "Gene Loves Jezebel" and previously of "Generation X", a amazing pedigree for a punk band. The band pull everyone in the venue towards the stage as they kick off their set which comprises mainly of old classics including the impressive "High Rise Living" and "Urban Kids" which sees Gene shouting the lyrics in his own original way with most of the audience joining in. The band back Gene really well especially James Stephenson whose work on his Gibson guitar is nothing less than brilliant. A sterling version of The Clash's "I fought the law" and Chelsea's first single "Right to Work" end the bands brief but worthwhile trip to Southampton with a great reception from the crowd as the band left the stage.

Photo: Chelsea

Set-List: Your Toy, Twelve Men, No Admission, High Rise Living, Curfew, The Loner, I'm on Fire, Living in the Urban UK, How Do You Know ? , Urban Kid, All the Downs, Evacuate, I Fought the Law, Right To Work.

Chelsea Video: 'Twelve Men'

Night Of Treason Video:'Boys Brigade'

XX Cortez Video:'Creatures Of the night'

Review/photos/videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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