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Stiltwalkers - Lets Play Jesus: Belfast Gothic/ Dark Wave band 'Stiltwalkers' album Let's Play Jesus opens which the haunting sound of chanting monks and then the heavy electronic keyboard sound kicks in to the 1st number 'Fascination Street' not a cover of The Cure song from 'Disintegration' as you might expect, there is a mystical almost middle eastern feel to the sound, certainly not the sort of sound that you would expect to come from an area such as Belfast more like Leeds in the 1980's. Des Potter and Mike Scott (Not the one from The Waterboys) formed the band in 2004 to take each other on a journey by performing live sets in and around their native Belfast. The fairly obvious comparisons of other older Goth bands of the 1980's and 1990's such as Sisters of Mercy and Fields of the Nephilim do come to mind, however the songs could became anthems for a new generation of followers to this genre, the songs are big and do certainly after a few listens get under you skin,  'Citizen Kane', 'Lets Play Jesus' and the epic 'Death Row Alley' deliver in a fairly major way, as stated on  band’s website “A powerful listening Experience chock full of Electronic Masterpieces”, quite possibly if their live performance is up to the same high quality of the album the future would seem very positive for the well balanced 'Stiltwalkers'
1.  Fascination Street
2.  Citizen Kane
3.  Mystery Child
4.  Fashion Freaks
5.  Heart and Soul
6.  The Pill of Immortality
7.  Lets Play Jesus
8.  Death Row Alley
9.  Ice Baby
10. The Last Time
11. A Far of the Lord
12. Valentine

Zoo Seven - Lifesaver: In my many trawls around the internet these days I constantly get offered free MP3 albums of all kinds, it is always difficult to know which are worth filling up your hard drive and which ones to avoid, this one so album passed me by several times until a few friends highly recommended that I download it and give it a listen. Del Currie is the one behind this Zoo Seven album 'Life Saver' originally from Northern Ireland and now residing in San Diego, Del has worked with a whole host of top class professionals from the music industry gaining some excellent experience and great influences.

The album contains some soaring big rock guitar anthems that would compete with the likes of stadium fillers U2 and Muse. Tracks such as the very rousing  'Empty Space' and 'Hundred Ways' are perfect examples of these radio friendly tunes which can be played over and over, never becoming tireless. The album closer 'Say Goodbye' is proof that the ballad is still alive and well in today’s modern music. In summary the collection of 10 songs is certainly worthy of space on anyone’s ipod and proof that if it is free it does not mean it is worth not bothering with


1. Blink Once
2. Empty Space
3. Fade In Fade Out
4. Holes in Me
5.Hundred Ways
6. Lifesaver
7. Love Like Aerosol
8. Make Something Beautiful
9. Painted
10. Say Goodbye

Lifesaver - download the album here

Fight Like Apes -   The Body of Christ & the Legs of Tina Turne: Fight Like Apes return with their 'difficult' 2nd album, the four piece Dublin band that have taken their own country by storm getting rave reviews in the Hotpress magazine stating that they could actually be the next big thing. The follow up to the 2009 debut album  'Fight Like Apes and the Mystery of the Golden Medallion',  The Body of Christ & the Legs of Tina Turner really carries on in the same zany way that they did before not much has really changed it is just a continuation building on the previous success. 'Maykay' and 'Pockets' vocals combined with the keyboards are a perfect combination delivering an album that is a worthy follow up and could send the band around the world on a journey. The songs such as the 1st single 'Hoo Ha Henry', Katmandu and  'Poached Eggs' are all very catchy and get into your head after a just a few listens, Fight Like Apes could very easily be your next favourite band, they are original and have take the emphasis away for the electric guitar.............."Sometimes it's all about the music".


1.     Come On, Let’s Talk About Our Feelings
2.     Jenny Kelly
3.     Pull Off Your Arms And Lets Play In Your Blood
4.     Hoo Ha Henry
5.     Katmandu (Face It, You’re Caviar, I’m Hotdogs)
6.     Thank God You Weren’t Thirsty (Lightbulb)
7.     Poached Eggs
8.     Captain A-Bomb
9.     Waking Up With Robocop
10.  Indie Monster
11.  H + Z5 Together At Last
12.  Ice Cream Apple Fuck

Hoo Ha Henry


Lady Winwood's Maggot - Buffalohead:The album opens with the speech by Samuel L Jackson from the film 'Pulp Fiction' setting the tone for an album full of unexpected twists, turns and a smattering of comedy. Lady Winwood's Maggot have been described as The Clash mating with Johnny Cash on Elvis's couch or just 'Death Western as they like to put it. The album is a rollercoaster of genres with no one track sounding like the other from the catchy toe tapping 'Unleach the Dogs', to the heart wrenching 'Pictures of  You' with even a Bhangra sounding mandolin in 'Raj Against the Machine'. After some sixteen years together the band have pulled together an album they can certainly be proud and will delight new and old fans alike.

1.   Prelude
2.   Unleach The Dogs
3.   Painted Horses
4.   O'Keefes Slide
5.   Pictures of You
6.   Is That It
7.   Billy Tango
8.   Close To the Sun
9.   Aaron Neville Must Die
10 .Crystaline
11. Little Doll
12. Stripped Whipped and Caged
13. Raj Against The Machine
14. Buffalohead
15. Overjoyed
16  Overture
17. Buffalo Beat Box(Hidden Track)

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