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The buzz went around the BH2 Rebellion warm up gig, "Abby is very nervous". Abby took to the stage and belted out songs with all the seeming nervousness of a panzer tank on the offensive despite having trouble seeing the set list. Relative new girl Abby just oozes attitude, with a voice more than able to carry that energy. The buzz went around again, "They just get better and better!". Listening to the latest album 'Apathy', by Ipswich band Danger's Close, I can't argue with that sentiment. I am loathed to fall into the trap of comparing female vocalists but when Abby hits the high notes, such as in the album’s title track 'Apathy', there is a definite hint of Poly Styrene and a presentation not dissimilar to Hazel O'Connor. The whole album brings together a sense of fun stained irony and “so what?” nonchalance in a defiant '77 rooted, fearless excursion into newer territory. This is especially apparent in 'Who's Next' which  focuses on our obsessive need know who will play the next Dr Who in a war-torn famine-ridden world! I wonder if Abby has someone in mind as she rips into the venomous 'Waste of Space'...."Get the fuck right of my face, you're a worthless waste of space". She carries tracks like 'Suicide' and 'Closer Than You Think' with real 'rock chick' finesse. The band have taken a brave step with the final track on the album, an impressive and moving acoustic version of second track 'Out of Your Depth'. Here Abby demonstrates the versatility of her voice along with the bands own ability, softly complimented by eerie monk-like backing vocals. Danger's Close seem to be pushing all the right buttons and with this settled line-up and I feel they are going to grow beyond the expectations of many with more surprises to come. How do the band view this album? Paul, (guitar and backing vocals), Abby, (lead vocals), AJ, (lead guitar), Zak, (drums) and Dave, (bass and backing vocals), gather around the PC to answer a few questions.

Lorraine: Hi guys, how are you all feeling about this latest album?

Paul: Being a DIY album money and time were limited, but all that considered we are very happy with it.

Lorraine: Do you have any favourite tracks?

 Abby: Out of Your Depth acoustic, this is a completely different style for me to sing in and gives a new take on the song, plus me and Dave had such a good time working on it. 

Paul: Closer Than You Think, this wasn't originally planned to be on the album but after a lot of last minute changes we managed to slip it in. Zak and Dave both love doing Waste of Space, this is one they really get into, as Dave wrote this it is very close to his heart although she's not any more! 

 AJ:  Suicide, it’s loud and fast and the first one we worked on when I first joined the band.

Lorraine: The song ‘Little Tommy’ is pretty sad, was that based on a real life scenario?

Paul: Yes, this song is based on real events and shows a stark look at how the NHS treat people, how Dr's rush through appointments in 5 mins and overlook things.

Lorraine: The acoustic version of 'Out of Your Depth' is very different to the rest of the album, how did that come about?

Abby: Myself and Dave were messing about after a night on the piss, I never sing acoustic so it was a big change for me. We thought it would be nice to show a different side to what we can do. 

Lorraine:Who is on backing vocals for that track?

Abby: Dave is singing in the background and playing a borrowed guitar which took an hour to restring and tune, which limited the recording time!

Lorraine:  Who is the main song writer?

Zak: Ab and Dave are the lyricists but the band works as a collective, we all have our own influences and like to bring them in which is why we have such a varied style.

Lorraine: Paul, I always think of the band as being your ‘baby'; how did the band first form?

Paul: Well it started in my front room mainly ‘cause I was bored and wanted to start playing in bands again blah blah blah! lol very much the same way all bands start. 

Lorraine: Tell us a bit about the current line up and how you all got together

Paul: After Rebellion 2008 it was just me and Zak left after 3 members decided to call it a day.

Abby:  Kris was leaving to go to Africa and after a few drunken conversations she asked me if I would take over from her. I was very reluctant to begin with as I was in another band and filling Kris's shoes would be a big task. But she pushed me to do it, which I love her for and my worries about being likened to her are now pushed aside as I feel like I've made my own mark.

Paul: Zak has known Dave for a few years and after seeing the band previously was itching to get in there and beef it up! Paul had placed an advertisement on a local networking site and found Aj, and its all fitted into place really well....finally!

Lorraine: Abby, I know you were nervous before Rebellion, how did it go, how did you feel performing?

Abby: Haha nervous is an understatement! I always get nervous before all of our gigs but I seem to feed off that nervous energy.  It was amazing! I was buzzing for the rest of the day and night. I couldn't believe how many people came to watch us, it made me bounce around even more, so much so that I nearly fell over Dave :o)   

Lorraine: What has been your past experience of performing? (Abby)

Abby: I play in another band called Whisky Chaser, but hadn't been in any other bands before. I used to sing in choirs and study music and always wanted to be in bands but it was my partner, Wal, who gave me the chance and got me into it. 

Lorraine: Who have been your greatest influences? (All)

Paul: British bands.. UK Subs, GBH, Cron Gen, American bands… No Use For A Name, NoFX and Pennywise.

Abby: The Clash, Adicts, Rancid, Dropkick Murphys, Flogging Molly, Nekromantics, Mad Sin, 50's rock, I love a lot of different stuff ;o) 

AJ:  Pantera, AC/DC and more recently I've got into the Adicts and UK Subs

Dave: Discharge, Agnostic Front, Discipline and The Buisness

Zak: The Who, Pink Floyd, all the way through to The Smiths, Mogwai and Godspeed You Black Emperor. 

Lorraine: Where can people find the album?

Paul: You can now download it on itunes and amazon and if you’re old fashioned you can buy it at gigs or via our myspace

Lorraine: Now the album is out there, what are the band up to?

Abby: Apart from looking forward to playing at the Mudkiss Party! we've had a month off after a very busy August, so we're now busy getting gigs and are currently organising a mini tour to Berlin in December. 

Lorraine: Many thanks and looking forward to hearing those songs live at the Party :-)

Interview by Lorraine 29/09/09

Photos by Gemma @ Librasnake photography

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