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Bolton's newish live music venue The Soundhouse is housed in an old warehouse basement near to the town centre. At 6pm we arrive to interview Micky Satiar lead singer with Dear Superstar. The interview with the delightful Micky is over around 7pm, so we go and watch the soundcheck, the music's very loud, things to come we ponder. A series of musicians wander around, long drawn out soundcheck, a quick photo session with the wonderful Dear Superstar. Tonight we were about to blast into a goth, glam, metal, freak, rock 'n' roll show featuring Aldehyde, Uncle Rotter, and Dear Superstar...

Let the show began…

Aldehyde are a four piece band, consisting of two thrusting guitarists, an excellent drummer and an exuberant, energetic singer, thrashing out heavy metal style rock music. One track we heard was ‘Jailbait’ “ and dedicated mysteriously to someone who should have been here tonight but isn’t”, these guys play like crazy wild boys, sweating like troopers, jumping onto the dance floor from the stage and flinging themselves around, it culminated in a wild three man orgy display with AJ lay on the floor with the two guitarists straddling him. (Damn I missed that photo) They used every bit of floor space it was wild and wicked, if you like your music loud and heavy this is the band for you, very entertaining and these guys certainly give a good show, the sweat was dripping off them.

Aldehyde are: AJ Rage: Vocals, Joe C: Guitar,Millsybaby: Drums.Benny H: Bass. 

“You can’t get hotter, than your Uncle Rotter” a phrase spotted on a t shirt a young woman wore as we hung around the club. Soon I was to find out why......On stage stepped a small clan of masked men, in various states of costume, ranging from a psycho surgeon, a leather faced slave guitarist, down to the spectacular scary monster singer which is Uncle Rotter. Many of the songs feature explicit, shockable, filthy lyrics, and their single is the soundtrack from the new movie 'Lesbian, Vampire, Killers'. Their music is glam, goth, rock & metal all rolled into one, sucking on dicks, chicks, lesbians, pussys, chants of 'It's good to be back', that was a snippet from a clean lyric. I was surprised at how much I actually enjoyed them, whilst not the kind of music I'd normally listen to, they were hugely entertaining and watchable, like viewing a live horror movie, hard to turn away. Uncle Rotter leaped off stage to indulge the viewers a few times, as did his tribe with guitars and stared intently into our faces, we couldn't help but smile. Lashings of fingers gestures and sexual thrusting for the camera, it was camp and brill, a kind of a modern day theatrical Rocky Horror Show. Great lights, sprays of colour and drama. Catch the fuckin rotters at a venue coming to a town near you, if you dare!! I'm sure you won't be disappointed

Uncle Rotter are: 

Uncle Rotter - Vocals and Songwriter, Twiggy Bang Bang - Lead Guitar, General Slave - Lead Guitar, Venom Rotter - Rythym Guitar, Dr T (M.D) - Bass Guitar, Ramirez Rotter – Drums.

Finally the band we’d come to see Dear Superstar, fresh from supporting Papa Roach at sell out venues, attacked the stage with their brand of rock music. They emerged with 'Brink Of Destruction', it's Pure, no nonsense, ballsy, gutsy, hard driven music, a confidence which has obviously come from their experience of touring. I couldn’t help feel a twinge of disappointment for the guys as a few of the crowd, left before they came on, it must have been an Uncle Rotter night for some. They gave us half an hour of good old rockin tunes, with attitude, energy and passion. Song titles such as their new single 'Brothers In Blood' (which is free to download by the way), 'Live Love Lie'. The guys gave it all they had and more despite the lack of audience. They are a team, work together effortlessly, striking effective iconic poses destined to be pin up boys, like it or not, these young guns are going for it, stand back!


A great night, such a shame we only got half an hour of Dear Superstar, would of loved to hear more from them, especially a ballad. If you wanna see some Dear Superstar you’d better catch them before they hit the bigger venues, so this might be your last chance.They glitter like gold, come get your rockstar fix!


Brink Of Destruction
Diseased And Distraught
Glitter Like Gold
Never Surrender
Hollywood Whore
Live Love Lie
Brothers In Blood

Dear Superstar areVocals: Micky, Lead Guitar: Smeth, Rhythm Guitar: Milton
Bass Guitar: Amadeus, Drums: Minge DEAR SUPERSTAR


Review/photo's & video by Mel 25.04.09

Special thanks to Jen @ Global Music Ltd

More photos from the night here

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