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Oh wow, man Deathstars are on tonight. Let’s not miss this please! This industrial/metal/glam/goth (deathglam, as they call themselves) band from Sweden, who have been touring most of Europe this year and last and the one before last, have been supporting  bands such as Korn or Cradle Of Filth. I had been curious about catching them live since their first cd “Synthetic Generation “ from 2003 came out, so this time I didn’t want to miss them again. They are on tour promoting their latest cd, “Night Electric Night”, just released this year 2009.

The place, yet again Bikini in Barcelona, one of the few gig venues here where you can actually enjoy watching a band, the sound’s pretty good.

Place packed of teens and twenty-somethings basically, all gothed and glammed up, all the female teeny goth fans firmly super-glued to the wooden edge of the stage, ready to kill anyone who might dare to separate them even for a second or an inch from their Whiplasher and Co. Well done girlies, I’ve always done the same too. Some older farts, obviously bored, leaning against the bar, far behind the stage area, most of them I’d say didn’t know where to go that night, also some former Goths watching the new scene, and the usual lil’ bunch of journos and the like, looking all analytical and circumspect. Then me, yet again in the front row, either befriending or fighting the various gothic teenage sweeties with my camera. Good times.

Hey man look out here they come. Deathstars take to the stage spectacularly. Their music’s predictably predictable, meaning deep, dark, thundering, full of echoes and effects, goth, rock, metal shit specially designed for their audience, good formula, and they sure make good subjects for pictures. They move about like crazy, jump, headbang, do their perfect rock posing... a delight to watch, for both boys and girls. Too fucking bad their live music is a bit crappy. Anyway, I especially appreciated guitarist Nightmare Industries, he showed great charisma on-stage. He rocks out in that old fashioned very dark, sexy way, showing off with his wedding ring as he plays his guitar, impeccable all black clad including hair, with an stoic icy stare, kinda fresh out of the graveyard gorgeousness. Whiplasher, the singer is less impressive than previously heard and seen in their cd’s and videos. The guy sings much like a mock Andrew Eldritch, and he behaves like a diva from hell, but all the goth teens wet their pants watching him shake his hips and posing all covered in glitter with his naziesque military uniform (yawn). Yes, Whiplasher’s got it all to be a superstar. Then there’s the compulsory Johnny Thunders-esque gothic version guitarist, always on the move too, Cat Casino (killer name, by the way), he sure looks fucking cool in black, with his all white Les Paul and white scarf and shoes, and he does play guitar too. Add his almost perfect Thunders hair, NY Dolls style era. What he does too is move about like a fucking manic bastard. As does the bassist and backing vocalist, Skinny Disco. Well they all do, all the time, that’s the best about this band, a great stage choreography, and a lot of energy during the whole show, which lasts barely about one hour and a half. What everyone saw that night was a band using far too many samplers and pre recorded choruses, several times Skinny the bassist and backing vocalist was caught away from the microphone yet his voice was sounding loud and clear. That was the disappointing bit.  Kind of a bummer, I did expect more from this band.

The setlist: as far as I can remember goes like this:  “Night Electric Night”,  “Motherzone”,  “Semi-Automatic”,  “The Mark of the Gun”,  “Tongues”,  “The Last Ammunition”, “The Fuel Ignites”,  “Trinity Fields”  “New Dead Nation”,  “Chertograd”, “Blitzkrieg”, “Blood Stains Blondes” ,  “Cyanide”, “Synthetic Generation”  and  “Death Dies Hard”.

Warning! This band is gonna be very very successful though, watch out for them, because with Deathstars, even funerals look good!

Special thanks to Rubén from RRSpromo.

All pics by NoClassPhoto

Review by Rachel