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Tonight the Joiners play host to 'Die So Fluid' a band with an amazing pedigree with all three of members having worked with a whole host of class acts, fronted by Georgina 'Grog' Lisee  who has played with the likes of Kelly and Ozzy Osbourne. 'Die So Fluid' formed in 2001 and have so far released two top quality albums 'Spawn Of Dysfunction's and 'Not Everyone Gets a Happy Ending' with a third 'The World is Too Big For One Lifetime' due for release in June. Tonight the supporting bill features three bands with all of them being very different. The first of which is Apina a five piece metal band from just down the M27 in Portsmouth, the band's sound can be compared to dark rock acts like 'Within Temptation' and 'Lacana Coil'. Lead singer Laura delivers some fine vocals accompanied well by a twin attack of metal guitar; with the place just beginning to fill up the majority of tonight latecomers did not get to appreciate Apina's fine set.
Pleasurade were next up and this was to be their debut gig, a 6 piece band fronted by Chris Boon who is leaping around the stage like a mad man, their songs are annoyingly very catchy and after a few tracks the band reeled in the audience very well, with their well crafted songs such as 'Check You out' and 'Propelled By Sound' which collides together a host of mixed genres ska, punk and rock. Combining great guitar rifts, keyboards and duel male/female vocals despite being their 1st gig their were no nerves, the band seemed very confident and comfortable playing in front of an audience who had by now swelled in size to near capacity.

Black Sonic hail from the small European principality of Liechtenstein, nestled in the Alps between Switzerland and Austria and are possibly the 1st metal band from there to play here at the Joiners, right from the start their heavy rock guitars gave the audiences ear drums a severe pounding, the band were enthusiastic and very pleased to be playing to a UK audience, performing songs in English from their debut album '7 Deadly Sins'. Their heavy rock riffs and guitar solos were certainly something that the likes of Gun’s Roses or Metallica would be very proud of. The highlight of their set was a very metal version of a surprise cover of ’Ordinary World' originally by Duran Duran, where the band helps up a banner containing the lyrics encouraging the audience to sing along with all of them happily obliging.

Before 'Die So Fluid' took to the stage the warmed up audience had a certain air of excitement and anticipation which is understandable as expectation were high with a band of such pedigree. The pounding bass lines and the confident attitude of front lady 'Grog' soon had the adoring audience eating out of the palms of her hands, her retro gothic image with her heavily tattooed arms and low slung bass all looking very erotic. The songs were delivered full of energy with plenty of involvement with the audience with the majority singing the words right back at the band. The bands grungy bass lines and powerful rock guitar with plenty of special effects hits the spot with numbers such a 'Happy Hallowe'en'  and 'Mercury' from the new album proving the bands future and past can all combine happily together.

The spotlight is somehow understandably always of the 'Grog' with Al Fletcher(Drums) and Drew Richards(Guitar) getting none of the limelight which is a little disappointing as these two guys put in a great solid performance. The set ended with a short encore of 'Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending' with the band started this initially slow paced song building up with some exuberant vocals from 'Grog' with her ending her set on her knees at the side of the stage, the band leave the stage victorious to massive applause with the audience still wanting more.

Happy Hallowe'en
Kiss The Floor
Gang of One
Not Everybody Gets A Happy Ending

Review/photos & video by Chinners

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