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Stuck on the M25 isn’t how you’d want to spend Friday evening. After a grim four hour drive Harlow beckons. We arrive just in time for opening song ‘Hey Maria’. With similar set to a recent London show they perform several brand new numbers plus old Buzzcocks/Diggle classics. Sporting trademark spotty shirt, Steve’s animated, as always. During ‘Chainstore’ kids jump onstage, only to be ushered off by road crew. Steve invites them back, reminiscent of Iggy Pop at Glastonbury.


“You’ve gotta change your life, change your wife, change your underpants” Mr Diggle yells before launching into ‘Changing  Guard’. He later disappears, or rather, gets pulled into the crowd. Two blokes grab the mike, bellowing out tuneless vocals. Drummer Kev and bassist Chris keep things going. Finally Steve jumps back, donning acoustic guitar for one last number ‘Victory Road’.



“This is for my friend Jerry; it’s for all of us. It’s called Victory Road. When they come knocking at the door for your council tax and gas bill tell them to fuck off. Walk down victory road” yells Diggle, after a brief rant about our government and his friends 98 year old Mother! Once again the stage fills while Steve encourages punters to climb aboard. Fans sing loudly, dragging their mates up. “We’ve had a fantastic time, it’s going to be so boring tomorrow night” he concludes. Hmmmm….tomorrow brought me a bloody bad hangover. Catch them live next year – you won’t regret it.


Gig footage appearing soon


Review by Shelley Guild

Photo’s from Phil Guild



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