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This has to be one of the busiest weeks on my Mudkiss roster so far this year, three outings in a week booked (and knackered) - the music couldn't be more diverse, from the rockabilly, blues of Imelda May, to the heavy psychedelic chants of Detroit Social Club, and ending the week, the rock & roll sounds of The Jim Jones Revue. After recently having a lengthy, interesting telephone interview with Dave Burns from DSC I was keen to see the band in action and of course to say hello in person. So when the free tickets arrived courtesy of Chuff Media we were all set to go see the psychedelic, blues, folk rockers at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester.

The first of two support acts were just finishing their set as we arrived, a young Manchester rock band Where’s Strutter a former support act for Pete Doherty, we didn’t see enough to comment but the small gathering seems happy enough - it wasn't long before the five piece rock band from Liverpool Sound Of Guns had set up and launched into a number, in a dazzling blaze of glory from the go get, loud, raw and confident. The singer Andy ingratiated himself with the crowd (who by now had gathered around the small stage), even to the point of jumping into the audience and having a walk about. I have to say the sound volume was incredibly high and at times was ear piecing, so much so that the vocals became distorted (not the bands fault). I keep threatening those ear plugs (this was one time it was essential). Doing well lads, your new album ‘What Came From Fire’ is fantastic, I’d like to see you in a bigger venue so you can stretch yourself to the max!


Elementary Of Youth
Bullets In The Bloodstream
106 (still the words)
Magnesium Seas

The Detroit Social Club stage set was simple but effective - huge black banner with white letters. They strode confidently onto the dimly lit an atmospheric, smoky stage and began their set with ‘Rivers And Rainbows’, it was a slow build up but before too long Dave's jacket was off. Dave’s tattoo’s on show emblazoned with the line from a Beatles song ‘The love you take is equal to the love you make’ pretty soon he was exploding like a bottle of fizzy pop, sweating profusely and clamouring on top of the rail to get closer to the jamboree. He's a master of lyrics and musical excellence, plays maracas and guitar and he certainly knows how to communicate with the crowd, which had now swelled to a mass around the front.

Next offering 'Kiss The Sun' with the keyboard wizardry of Knighty, the guitarists Johnny and Courtie at full throttle, the anthemic drumming of Dave Green, and vocals of Dave Burn. My favourite track came further down the set; the sound of 'Prophecy' rang out to an electric crowd. So electric that a group of guys ripped one of his mates boxers to shreds and threw them onto the stage. Moments later I witnessed the most spinal tap moment ever, Dave wiped his face with the rags (oblivious to what it was - one would presume?). Let’s hope they were clean on tonight!

A beautiful rendition of 'Chemistry' rang out, the song wrote for his young Daughter “Just call my name and I’ll be there, cos you can spend a lifetime waiting for a lifeline, just so you know that I’ll be there…you won’t have to find me cos with you is where I’ll be”. It seems sentiment was also in the air tonight when Dave called out to a guy (also called Dave) who had proposed to his girlfriend earlier, he failed to emerge from the shadows. It must be contagious, this happened on Saturday at Imelda's show. With the darkness of the set reflecting the atmospheric themes of the music and Dave whizzing around the stage like a red Indian, on a high, it was pretty similar to a primal tribal dance, but it had to come to an end so finally they closed the set with the Sky Sports theme tune 'Northern Man' and left the stage. People waited for an encore but they left us wanting more. You are AMAZING!!

Enjoyed a little meet and greet with Dave on the way out, he’s such a pleasant and gregarious chap and he likes his hugs, he got three – greedy man!


Rivers And Rainbows
Kiss The Sun
Mind At War
Black And White
1000 Rings
Sunshine People
Lights Of Life
Northern Man
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