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The Eagles Of Death Metal are an stoner-bluesy-garage-tongue-in-cheek cock-rock american band where Jesse "The Devil" Hughes is the main man, but has Josh Homme, of The Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss fame as "official" drummer. On this occasion Mr. Homme was not on drums though, but I was more than happy to see former Danzig drummer Joey Castillo wildly pounding away the drums as it should be done according to me of course. The band are on tour promoting their fourth cd "Heart On", a very successful collection of degenerated and teasing rock n roll songs. Yeah the band is a joke and they celebrate their prankster selves every second, and so do their audience, which includes me!!


Hell no, I wasn't too happy about their audience.. yeah always something to say about the Barcelona audiences.. I just pray they use a different brand of deodorant next time around, and I won't say anything else about the matter.


So anyway the band opened their act with a festive, flashy, tacky and deafening show of force, blasting off a couple of the new songs, but the crowd went mental after hearing the first notes of "I Only Want You". Thereafter followed "Bad Dream Mama", "I Want You So Hard", the mega-awesome "Cherry Cola" and a bunch of selected hits from all their records. They played a couple of cover songs too, "Stuck In The Middle With You", "Beat On The Brat" and "Brown Sugar", of course. Quite a vigorous live set and the funny guy that is Jesse Hughes leading the show.


One hour and twenty minutes of busy ass-wiggling, foot tapping, no headbanging and sweating and the show was over, the crowd pretty pleased and the beat still echoing in the ears as we  spilled out into the cold night air.



Review by Rachel 24.03.09

All pics by NoClassPhoto

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