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We're at a public house in Wigan’s town centre, we’ve never been before, and it’s always a little daunting arriving at new venues, what to expect and such like, but what we found was a decent sized venue with an impressive list of bands due to play, Sham 69, 999, The Vibrators, The Hyperjax and Anti Nowhere League. Robbie Cavanagh from the local band This Devastated Fan is the organiser of the events, known as Millionaire Entertainment. Tonight’s delights were a band from1976/77 an R & B/Rock N' Roll outfit called Eddie & The Hot Rods, with support from The Adjusters.

So upstairs we go, there's a small room, but intimate enough and large enough to raise a little hell, my one criticism would be the lighting from a photography point of view it could be improved with a brighter light set, (it’s that damn red lighting which drives me mental) otherwise its fine.

We're seeing Wigan based 5 piece band The Adjusters, for the 2nd time tonight, the last time was playing the big stage at Haigh Hall Music Fest. On arrival we met Ash who I'd interviewed recently and what a really nice guy he is too. Let’s talk about the frontman Ash, raised by his parents on a diet of punk & rock n roll, it’s hardly surprising he rolls with a confidence belying his 19 years, knocking out belting songs one after the other.

The Adjusters are, Ash, on lead vocals, Phil, Guitar & vocals, Neafcy on Bass, Welliez, Guitar & vocals, Manning on drums. The band load into 'Start Me Up' they continue to perform glorious rock n’ rolling punky shockers, which raised the roof in the Tavern, so much so that Barrie Masters, the Rods vocals later declared the band brilliant. What more could be said about the band, they certainly won the crowd over and raised the bar for others local bands to live up to. They did a blinding cover version of The Dead Boys 'Sonic Reducer', it was over all too quickly, would of loved to see them perform a much longer set.

The heat in the club was stifling, Ash whipped his top off and displayed his armour of  heartfelt tattoos, with those tell tale signs of musical influence, slogans such as Born To Lose, Live, Fast, Rock N Roll, there's devilment in those eyes too as he toys with the lead around his neck, elements of his idol Stiv Bators there. ‘Drinkin Red Wine’ is one of those songs which defies you not to sing along, it’s my favourite song of the month. If you haven’t got yourself a copy of their free E.P get down to their MySpace now and order one. The Adjusters are certainly one to watch on the alternative scene, supporting some known punk bands throughout the coming months.(More photos in the Photo Gallery)

Setlist: Start Me Up, Kickin' Down The Doors,  Can't See,  Misery Addict, Black Out, Itch I Can't Scratch, Sonic Reducer, I Get Paranoid, Too Bad, Drinkin' Red Wine, Let's Dance!

Mudkiss videos present - The Adjusters 'Drinkin Red Wine' live @ The New Tavern, Wigan.

Eddie & the Hot Rods are one of those bands from the mid 70’s which if your as old as me remember the name, yet can’t recall what they sang. I do remember vaguely a Top Of the Pops appearance, but it wasn’t until I heard the band in action that some of the songs came flooding back.They do have quite a story behind their career in fact on further research I found they had been supported at The Marquee, London in 1976, by the then unknown band the Sex Pistols, they progressed through many line ups over the years and the only original member is in fact Barrie Masters on vocals. Eddie left a long time ago, he was a stage dummy (some kind of a long standing joke), whilst other members when on to work with other bands .The band were really known as a pub rock band, playing R & B, in the vein of The Rolling Stones ect, but became tagged onto the punk scene in 1977.

They are reformed and playing again and they still know how to beat out a rock n roll tune. Barrie was super skinny in a sort of David Johansen, Iggy manner, naked torso, leather jacketed and tight jeans. Barrie must be knocking on a bit but he can sure rock out with the best of em, they gave a stunning performance which kept the punters entertained throughout, many at the back were rocking and singing away when they played out their more known songs such as ’ Do Anything You Wanna Do’ and ‘Teenage Depression'. Everyone seemed to Love the cover versions they did of ‘Gloria’, 'Stepping Stone' with plenty of hands in the arm and rockin out, they wrapped up the evening with an excellent version of ‘Born To be Wild’ and it revved my biker chick engine.

The best part is that they appeared to really enjoy themselves, knackered by the end of the night, sweating like troopers, but went away smiling and obviously pleased as punch. The Hot Rods certainly ignited sparks in Wigan tonight. Eddie & The Hot Rods are: Barrie Masters on lead vocals, Richard Holgarth, Guitar, Chris Taylor, Guitar, Dipster, Bass, and Simon Bowley on drums.

Setlist:  Teenage Depression, I Might Be Lying, Quit This Town, Better Without You, Telephone Girl, Life On The line, Ignore Them, Why Should I Care Anymore, Hard Driving Man, Stepping Stone, Power And The Glory, Bad Time Again, Gloria, Do Anything You Wanna Do, Get Out Of Denver,Born To Be Wild.

Mudkiss videos present - Eddie & The Hot Rods, 'Do Anthing You Wanna Do' live @ The New Tavern, Wigan. 

And last but not least a round of applause for Robbie for putting on these great shows, and thanks for the guestpasses, we'll be back. (More photos in the Photo Gallery).

Review & photos by Mel

Mudkiss videos directed by Tom James 

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