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I saw Exile Parade way back in April at Preston's Mad Ferret for the first time and they blew my socks off. Lomax strutting the stage with more than a passing resemblance to Mick Jagger, which I commented on in my review (check out here).The audience whipped to a frenzy, energetic performance, original songs, all the distinctive signs of a band to keep an eye on.

Photo: Lomax by Mel

The five piece band all hail from Warrington, they seem to have attracted some prominent observations from a variety of influential people. They have a couple of self penned tracks which have been released as singles and they’ve been produced by Owen Morris (Oasis/The Verve/The View), a great start! 'Fire walk With Me' featured on the TV program Skins series 1. It was time I found out a bit more about this band.

Mel - Can you introduce yourselves, and tell our readers a little bit about each one of you, be as explicit as you like ;-)

Lomax - Sounds like an AA meeting I’m Lomax 1/5 of Exile Parade, I tend to be the voice and the one who stands mostly in the middle, the others aren’t here right now but we have Phil and Dave the siblings (Guitar & Bass) then we’ve got Boon & Mutchy (Guitar & Drums).

Mel - As the voice therefore can you tell us when did you know you had a great voice?

Lomax – It took a while to say the least. When I first tried to sing I was awful, really bad. I used to wait until the house was empty or I was on my own somewhere and just belt out songs as loud as possible, at first I wasn’t in tune, in key or anything like that but I knew to keep going. I was desperate to get a voice because I learnt very quickly what I didn’t want to do and music was telling me there’s a way out. I was easily 22 (ish) before I could say I was a ‘singer’. I’ll never be satisfied though, I’m always short of good enough and I hope I always will be, you need to believe you can get better whatever you’re doing. One thing I’ll say is singing isn’t about how high you can get or how many syllables you can squeeze out of a word, if you want to do it, do it.

Mel – Can you tell us how did the band started out, how did you all meet, when did you join the band?

Lomax - I know that before I came along Phil and Boon met playing football and started Jamming and stuff. Dave was playing football professionally and living in America for a period, he was doing well but it came to an end through injury amongst other things, I believe he was drafted in to play bass, there was a first drummer but he never had the beans if you know what I mean.

I saw the band in Friars Court in Warrington one night, there was something telling me they were going to be good (eventually.) I hadn’t been in a band at this point; it was still a dream, although I’d done some open mic nights with a mate of mine. Then one night whilst doing a turn in a pub they appeared again and said ‘’are you in a band?’’ I said no, went for a jam; life’s a fucking mystery, but from that point I knew what to do and who with.

I think I joined in 2003, my memory gets hazy sometimes.

Photo: Dave & Phil by Mel @ Warrington Festival

Mel - Why the name Exile Parade, where did the inspiration come from, any good story?

Lomax - We were hanging out at mine a few years ago, we were called ‘Bangkok’ but no one could spell it on posters and things, and you got all the funny fuckers cracking jokes about Lady boys and that, in truth we were at a cross roads, one of many and needed a fresh start. It was like reaffirming your vows or something, we just wrote down everything we could and got in the zone, the two words kept flying around the room and eventually got together, it seemed right at the time and still does.

Mel – So you had the name but what in your own words is so special about the band & the music and how would you sell yourself to someone who hadn’t heard you before?

Lomax - The music, the desire to create things that provoke thought and response. This is something you can taste, you can touch and it will go to bed with you.

Mel - You have your own sound, which comprises of a variety of different influences, the main one touted around is Oasis, how does this sit with you guys and are you big fans? 

Lomax - The short answer is yes we are, personally they showed a lot of people the door, of course you can hear them in us, you can hear a million influences but as time goes on I think any act or artist has to cement their own path on which to walk that’s the only way to make your mark.

Mel – I think your carving out a unique sound right now. How has the music industry treated you so far? Any great shows, or highlights which stand out?

Lomax – Yeah, there are as many highs as there are lows and every one is treasured. We have great people and fans all over the place who get what we are heading for and stick by us all the way. We’ve met and worked with huge idols, Owen Morris, you don’t forget him I’ll tell you that! Highlights, too many to mention, everything to be honest.

Photo: Lomax & Mutchy @ Warrington Festival by Mel

Mel - How would you describe your shows and what are your favourite songs to play live?  

Lomax – Maybe not the most inspired answer, all of them at the time if everything’s how it should be, good venue, good vibes, sound system etc then I’m in my own world totally happy. To be very truthful it’s the people looking back that make a tune, if you see light in their eyes or reaction then it gives you a bigger buzz than any drug can, any drug I’ve had anyway, ask me again in ten years.

It’s hard; you never get to see your own show. When I’m stood there looking out, and there’s people there, I can tell like we all can if its a good one, something that’s always told me we’re good is that we rarely get ignored, unless were shit but that’s not too often thankfully. To us everything has to be interesting at least, it has to matter.

Mel – Which performer would you say inspires you the most?

Lomax - When it comes down to it, when I stop my mind from turning, the performers that will always be at the centre of my heart are Liam Gallagher, Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney and Richard Ashcroft, without them I can almost certainly say I would have joined the Army after School.

Mel - Do you have any cover versions in your stage sets or do you perform all your own songs, and if you ever did a cover song which would you like to try out?

Lomax – Everything’s ours.

We would never rule it out, we did an acoustic cover of ‘There Is A Light’ (The Smiths) once which was pretty cool. Its hard right now that question, there’s so much coming out of us and such important changes happening it just seems impossible to think about, Prodigy's ‘Fire Starter’ we’ll do that!

Photo: Chris @ Warrington Festival by Mel

Mel - Do you have any plans for new gigs, if so when and where? 

Lomax – We’ve fell in love with Manchester of late, the city really seems to be inviting us in, probably because we’ve got good songs now. So plenty there, London and hopefully Europe before the years out, you can see any dates on our MySpace and Facebook.

Mel – So your busy gigging but just when can we expect your début album to be released and any title you can share with us? What releases have you had so far?

Lomax – The album has been a work in progress for a while now, it will happen and its closer than it ever has been. It has to be right though, something you can live with for the rest of your life, once you say here’s our début album, I mean its big isn’t it.

We do have a title but that will remain close to our chest for now. We’ve had two releases,’ Fire Walk With Me’, which is mega and ‘Heart Into Suicide’, which will stay in the past, the recording process isn’t up to scratch to us although it still makes us happy when people enjoy it.

Mel - I can’t wait for the album to be released, I’m sure it will be a much talked about new release. Talk us through some of your favourite tracks, which mean something to you.

Lomax – ‘Fire Walk With Me’, this was recorded on our first session with Owen Morris, it was the first song that sort of spoke to us on a new level, recording that at Real World, the Sistine Chapel of studios was nothing short of magical, that alone will stay with us until were dead, and beyond hopefully.

Mel - You have two new tracks which I’ve had the privilege to hear recently, ‘Son Of God’ and ‘Man Is Sick’ they seem to have a slightly different direction, a bit more heavy sounding, was this intentional? What is the inspiration behind those tracks, and who is the ‘Son Of God’?

Lomax – Everything you hear is intentional. The time came to look each other in the eye and say are we where we want to be, musically and creatively, are we doing the best we can and in the cold light of day the answer was no. We needed a shake up, we needed to take control of our own direction instead of waiting for it to fall from the sky. Ever since that moment things have been clearer than you could imagine. Everything has to matter!

‘Son Of God’ we wrote a lot of the phrasing and direction in the studio as we were recording it, I suppose its about ‘the son of god’ its about all of us, people I mean being crucified hung on a cross but not wanting to come down, like ‘fuck you I’m staying up here'.

Mel – You’ve amassed quite a fan base and I believe you’re pretty popular in Japan, (and Preston that much I witnessed myself) how did this happen?

Lomax – Scratching my head here! Word spreads, if you give it all you’ve got and you say fuck off to those who want to see you fail, then the good’ns so to speak, help you, wherever it be in the world, word spreads that’s all I have on that one really.

Mel – Along your journey you’ve received some stunning comments from people, such as Mick Middles the former ‘Sounds’ journalist he says “The last band I saw this level emitting such potential, would be the 1985 Stone Roses". How good does that make you feel?

Lomax – As a human being it feels really good and of course these things help when your battling with any doubt or fear of failure, but never read your own reviews etc.

Photo: Exile Parade @ The Mad Ferret, Preston by Mel

Mel – Oh Mudkiss reviews are always positive I hope you’ve read them! You’re all based in Warrington and presumable have day jobs but I’m wondering where you see yourself in a couple of year’s time?

Lomax – We see ourselves making music which will be around forever, that we will hold close that’s what’s important, over all having the freedom financially if nothing else to write, record and just do what we love. A few trips round the world, a couple of scary parties, feed the homeless then die I reckon.

Mel – What are Exile Parade currently doing, I believe radio shows?

Lomax – We have some top stuff happening at the moment, were all about writing and recording. We really want to get things right and make the best music since the 60’s. We do have shows coming up all over the place, some very exciting ones to be honest and yes, we have the odd radio gig and interviews, love it all!

Mel - Anything you’d like to say to end the interview, a message for your fans out there?  

Lomax – If you have found us stick with us, if you haven’t get it on your player, turn it up and get involved, it’s good.

Thanks Lomax, wishing you and Exile Parade all the success you so rightly deserve.

Management: Exile Parade:



Oct 1st  - Scotcampus Freshers Festival @ George Sq – Glasgow
Oct 17th - The Canteen @ Abode – Chorlton, Manchester
Oct 18th - Picturedome @ Holmfirth, Huddersfield
Oct 20th - In The City @ The Kings Arms, Manchester
Oct 30th - Friday Night Noise@ The Rhythm Factory, London
Nov 5th - Invention @ Moho, Manchester
Nov 6th - Apres @ Southport
Nov 19th  - Bett Club @ Frankfurt, Germany
Nov 20th - P3@ Amsterdamn
Dec 12th  -This Feeling @ Parker McMillan London

Interview & photos by Mel 01/010/09

Video @ Warrington Festival by Tomm James

Special thanks to Craig Tarry

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