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The No-Ones  'Alcoholiday'
The No-Ones formed in Reading in December 2009 and the four piece rock band comprise of  Bish(Guitar/Vocals), Boz(Guitar/Vocals), Jimmy Hall(Bass) and DJ Amott(Drums). Summer 2010 sees the release of their exciting new debut 4 track EP 'Alcoholiday'.

Their are certainly no fillers on here all four tracks are well written, well crafted excellent pieces of music in their own right. 'Crystalline' at 3 minutes 58 seconds is a great catchy number with some excellent punchy rock guitar with a infectious harmony chorus that will reel you in within the first listen, a song I strongly believe would do very well with commercial radio airplay.'Here We Go Again' follows on well with yet another great sing-a-long chorus the keeps you hooked. 'Emotion Sickness' is an epic rock overture coming in at just under 9 minutes and is an guitar epic exploring the nature of love and relationships, EP closer 'Why Does it Have to End'' was written while at the Reading Festival about "Good times, good friends and better memories" . This is just a taster of what The No-Ones have to offer, I saw the band live in Reading in April at the Sub 89 Club supporting The Alarm and their live show was impressive with these songs working well live, keep you eyes peeling I am sure we will be seeing more from them in the future.


1. Crystalline
2. Here We Go Again
3. Emotion Sickness
4. Does It Have to End?

Video -Crystalline

Exit State is set to release their debut album 'Death of a Rock Star' through King Prawn Records on the 31st May. This four piece rock band from East Lancashire in the UK comprises of  Roy Bright (Vocals/Rhythm Guitar), Adam Stephenson(Lead Guitar), Peat Hicks(Drums/ and Phil Ireland(Bass/Vocals), they have been compared to the likes of  Nickelback, Foo Fighters and Therapy, ignore that and make up your own minds. The opening track 'Lost Beyond Belief' which is available as a Free Download provides a great start to the album with an addictive rolling heavy guitar rift and well delivered fast paced vocals. The track will also be featured on film soundtrack to a UK movie called 'Creepsville' which is due to be released on Halloween 2010. The price of the album itself is worth it for the two tracks 'Death or a Rockstar' parts 1 & 2, these epic numbers start with a slow build up in part 1 and they tell the story of a 'Rockstar' suicide:

"How will this all go
End of the show
Know What Must Be Done
Time to End it All
As I Sit Alone
Raise the Gun to My Head
Here I Go"

Video Promo - Lost Beyond Belief

In part 2 the faster guitar kicks in and the band up the pace delivering a well crafted two part symphony that really hits the spot in all areas. The bands influences can be traced from many corners of music such as metal, punk, grunge and rock. These guys have put together this stunning solid debut album with some interesting and relevant subject matter which should be heard by many, if they can transfer these songs well within their live performances their future should be very promising

1. Lost Beyond Belief (Click here for Free Download of this track)
2. Out 'till 3
3. Dominates Me
4. Death of a Rockstar Part 1
5. Death of a Rockstar Part 2
6. Bad Days
7. Dirty Intoxicated
8. I Know Where You Are
9. And She Said

Bonus Tracks:

And She Said- Acoustic (Free Download)
Breakdown-Acoustic (Free Download)

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