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Tonight there was a Festival in Barcelona, called Glam Slam, where a total of four bands were gonna play, being for many the highlight of the night to be able to see live again Faster Pussycat.


Too bad Barcelona is possibly the shitiest, crappiest, least rock ridden city in the western civilization, because not more than 70 or 80 people showed up for the night. No, it's not "the crisis"; the ticket was a mere 25 Euros for a bill of four bands.

Well, in this case tonight there was a bonus-extra band added for no apparent reason to the bill, and that believe me, doesn't even deserve a mention. I mean, the bassist was wearing a Superman t-shirt and the singer was a mini Jon Bon Jovi with white leather.) Thing is: BARCELONA SUCKS BIG TIME, no matter what you tourists and visitor bands (all of them pop bands anyway) say about how cool it is, because if you dig Rock, you're gonna die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Ok after this lil' bit of a well deserved ranting, I just wish the mayor of this fucking grey boring sold out city full of tourists and cockroaches would at least get caught cross-dressing or something, at least we would have some fun in the press in the mornings. So as I was saying, it is the people, there is just no Rock n' Roll here, so if you wanna come here forget about it unless you're gay and are into pop or electronica shit, in which case if I happen to be here and I bump into you I will probably try to steal your wallet so stay away anyway.


Onto the show, the first band is a band of friends, Barcelona band, three guys, a Gibson, a CW, a Fender bass and there you go, old school hard rock with a twist of sleaze,  Star Velvet Revolution have their first self produced cd out, they rock and you should get it! Their small set was full of energy and songs like "Breaking You Down" or "Little Suicide" shone through before they had to leave the stage, a brief half an hour after.


Photo: Star Velvet Revolution by NoClassPhoto




Beautiful Creatures are an ace band that actually consists now of the exact same members as Bang Tango, therefore when the Beautiful Creatures played their set, attacking with "Straight To Hell", some of us almost believed it was already Bang Tango onstage. Anyway, frontman Joe Leste rocked like hell, as did the rest of the band, The setlist featured gems like "Wasted", or "Ride", and ended with a frantically speeded up cover of AC/DC's "Whole Lotta Rosie" and "Kick Out".


Photo: Beautiful Creatures by NoClassPhoto




Barely without a pause, Bang Tango started out their set, with "Attack Of Life", out of their classic record "Psycho Cafe". They covered too T-Rex's "20th Century Boy", and most of the set was all the aforementioned record. At the end, "Dancin' On Coals", another great cover of "highway To Hell" and of course "Someone Like You", with the restless Joe Leste cavorting among the stage like a madman.  


Photo: Bang Tango by NoClassPhoto




And the moment was finally here, well past after 12 a.m. Faster Pussycat stepped onstage, with such class and professionalism and a lil' bunch of their old and new dirty dirty songs my friends!! Yummmmmy!


Oh yeah right the legendary Taime downe didn't appear to be in his best moment, and his voice was not 100% in shape that night due to a cold, but he still is an amazing frontman!  Wearing his usual hat, shades, black lips and striped stockings, and chain smoking. He and the band delivered a small but virtuous lesson of how to be a truly dirty dirty dangerous sleazy Rock n Roll band to all those young pin up men dressed as if they were in the 80's who think they're someone just because they’re wearing tattoos and play a couple of riffs.


Photo: Faster Pussycat by NoClassPhoto



These men here helped write the story of Hollywood rock my dear friends and Taime Downe is a piece of Rock history not to be missed or taken for granted, ever.  Taime absolutely filled the entire stage with his commanding presence, very well accompanied by veterans like bassist Danny Nordahl and guitarist Xristian Simon, as well as the amazing guitarist younger Michael Thomas and Chad Stewart on fantastic drums. The setlist was based on their newest record "The Power And The Glory Hole", and they kicked off with the song that gives the name to the record, then they played my favourite song, "Number One With A Bullet", which fucking rocked then blew us away with the great "Cathouse"! "Porn Star" was a killer of a song, as was "Sex, Drugs & Rock N' Roll", mixed with classics such as "Bathroom Wall", the beautiful and chanted by everyone present ballad "House Of Pain", during which Joe Leste came up onstage to do some chorus. Although the show was short and not exempt of a few technical problems, fortunately they were quickly resolved. We had the time to listen to the Betty Blowtorch classic "Shut Up And Fuck", song that aside of featuring in their own record, they always play live, never missing it. A hurried close down of the show was done with "Babylon", another classic, and there wasn't even time for an encore, because the stupid venue had to open their doors to a discotheque. Yes, you heard right…………….Fuckers!!!


Photo: Faster Pussycat by NoClassPhoto




Anyhow, after all the waiting and tired as we all were, it became apparent that night a few fortunate of us had been unique witnesses of a great, great Rock N' Roll night, that we truly wish can be repeated very very soon.


All hail Faster Pussycat!!!!!!!!


Reviewed by Rachel 29.1.09

Photo’s by NoClasPhoto

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