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After some major supports slots with Wil Francis from Aiden along with current Kerrang magazine favourites Blackout and My Passion, Fight The Empire have their own headline show tonight at the Joiners, it's Easter Sunday and tonight's gig includes 3 supports acts to look forward to. The 1st band are Circadian and apparently this is their 1st gig, unfortunately it shows, the lead singer is rather nervous and is reading from lyric sheets, his vocals are out of tune and he has no stage presence. The drums, bass and guitar do sound a little better in their attempt at a couple of covers, along with a few of the own  including 'Blackest Skies' by Porcupine Tree and a track 'Malaise' which includes the lyric "this can't get worse" which was certainly the case with this band. There is a major improvement as Middlenamekill take to the stage, a four piece band from Salisbury who's lead singer Sturge does his best to get the crowd warmed up, their guitar based sound include some enjoyable rifts and despite a lack of set list the band make their way through a set which included 'Nails' and their next single 'In the House Of The Witch'. The band provide some nice in-between song banter and get a great reception from the audience who have now increased in size.

The Longest Day are a four piece rock band from Poole in Dorset that are destined for great things, I've seen them live several times before and they never fail to put on an excellent show, tonight is no different. The band impress right from the start with everybody in attendance being pulled away from the bar to take notice of the great sound this band produce. An excellent rhythm section coupled with melodic dual guitars and Dan Henry's excellent passionate vocals, the bands enthusiasm and energy seems endless, with all 4 members putting 100% into their performance. An eagerly awaited debut album is due in May and it will include such live favourites as the atmospheric 'Suit of Lies' and 'Kamakaze Dreamin'. After a 45 minute set of epic anthems, the small Southampton crowd were stunned by the performance and will certainly go home to find out more about this very special band, who everyone will certainly see more of in the future.

The stage is filled with dry ice, the lights dimmed and huge green laser lights filled the stage giving the band an impressive entrance, Fight the Empire full of confidence start their first number. The bands sound of Grizzly T's thumping bass lines coupled with original trippy guitar sounds, lead singer Leo wraps himself around his microphone stand delivering some blistering vocals, playing to a home crowd should always be a bit easier, however Leo has to work hard to win over the initially lack lustre crowd. The band perform a few numbers from their debut self titled album including 'Escape' and the hard edged 'Last Chance to Dance' which both got a great reaction from their home crowd. The set was unfortunately short and as Leo said "we don't do encores so make the most of our last number". Once again the Joiners have presented their audience with a diverse mix of music and an all round great night for only £5, which at only £1.25 per band is an absolute bargain.

The Longest Day – King Of Infamy

Fight The Empire- Escape

Review/photos/videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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