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When an opportunity comes calling to step back into the 40’s for me there was no hesitation, a time of seamed stockings, glamorous women, booted and suited men alongside the uniforms & war. This is a walking, talking, all singing and dancing, art form, and one which was so well acted you were so there.

This was North Yorkshire's, Haworth Village's, weekend of Wartime 40’s with spectacular themed characters cruising the oldie world cobbled street, which has it’s feet firmly in the past with it’s, old shops and along it’s paths displaying some great wartime transportation with Jeeps, armoured vehicles, even an ambulance, nothing is spare in this authentic display of 40's, even shop displays and the assistants were dressed to kill. Bomb shelters set up and a soldiers parade, in-between spiffs selling their wares be it bootleg liquor or knock off watches. 

So whether your interests lie in World War II or indeed just the forties, it was a grand day out for all the family or even a whole weekend for some. Bandstands, make up, tailored suits, the new look, alongside the land girls, G.I’s, Australians, Winston Churchill, Evacuee children, the Nazi soldiers, jiving in the park, it was a great day out! A chance for everyone to imagine what life must have been like. Quite surreal, in many ways a little freaky and scary as it became so realistic.

Check out these photos and more in the photo gallery here:

Next themed weekend is Sixty’s on June 20th – 21st - rocker girl here we come!


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