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Tonight is probably one of the biggest gigs Mr Kyps has put on since they 1st opened, the sign on the door said "sold out" which mean the full capacity of 300 is here for tonight's intimate show. Ed Tudor Pole arrives on stage with just a battered old acoustic guitar and some rather interesting facial expressions, what I was expecting from him was not really what I remebered of his band "Ten Pole Tudor".  The set was filled with some really zany but entertaining songs including  one about retro sweets "Black Jacks" and another about his nephew wearing a fake clip on moustache. Towards the end of the set a string broke on his acoustic guitar and instead of handing it over to a roadie or picking up a spare he tried to change it , the audience were a bit inpatient and heckled Ed. I think virtually everybody in the place was really for the finale to Ed's set the brilliant "Swords of a Thousand Men" , he left the stage early without playing the classic hit  disappointing many of the unhappy audience.
The smiles were soon back on everyone's faces as "From The Jam" arrived on stage, these guys are legends to many people here tonight, after their recent reformation tour playing such venues as The Forum and Hammersmith Apollo in London, tonight's setting in very unique and intimate, this is most definitely one of the gigs that you would boasted to your mates "yes I was there". Russell Hastings is a man with very important shoes to fill with lots of members of the public and the music press discussing weather of not he is up to the job, with his performance tonight he certainly is, the voice is just right .  The band delight every member of the audience with a brilliant show with a set list that would please any "Jam' fan, highlights have to be  "A Bomb in Wardour Street" which sees Bruce leaping high in the air right in front of Rick's drum kit and the awesome "Going Underground" which saw everybody in the place leaping around like they were teenagers and singing the lyrics right back at the band. The band all come to the front of the stage to take their bows and thank the audience for  what was a truely amazing night.
To Be Someone
It's Too Bad
Modern World 
Boy About Town
Pretty Green
Eton Rifles
David Watts
So Sad About Us
Smithers Jones 
That's Entertainment
Mr Clean
Little Boy Soldiers
Thick As Thieves
Private Hell
News Of The World
A Bomb in Wardour Street 
When You're Young
Strange Town
Tube Station
Town Called Malice
The Gift
Going Underground
Dave Chinery(Chinners) -

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