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After several recent trips to Southampton supporting Dragonforce at the Guildhall and  Wil Francis of Aiden here at the Joiners, Glamour Of The Kill have built themselves up a decent following of loyal fans, tonight is testament to this as the venue completely sold out in advance, the news travelled that this band are something quite special live. The band is part way through a mammoth 38 date tour of the UK which is being sponsored by 'Monster' the energy drink. (No I haven't heard of it either!!) The sold out crowd seemed to have turned up early as the promoter put a on couple of great support acts, the first of these is local southern based 'The Light Divided' who really get the party started with their brand of hard rock. The four piece band power through some impressive tunes including one newly written number about the 'in' subject of the moment of vampires called 'Bad Blood' which got plenty of positive responses from the crowd with an early circle pit forming. The band enjoy a great solid 30 minutes set setting the stage perfectly for the rest of the night ahead.

Video:Bad Blood/Point 9

Yashin hit the stage at 100 miles of hour with their two vocalists Kevin and Harry clamouring all over the stage whipping the crowd into an almost frenzy, their fast paced tunes of post hardcore based metal really impress right from the start. The six piece band from Glasgow are initially a little difficult to understand with their strong Scottish accents, however the music clearly speaks for itself, with songs such as  'The 1st Rule of Fight Club' and the recent single 'Let Loose' from their latest album 'Put Your Hands Where I can see Them'  which really impress played live. A hardcore version of Britney Spears 'Everytime' puts a smile on everyone's faces, this is not tongue though it is totally serious and an excellent version it was to. The band have created total chaos in the venue tonight and leave the stage with victorious looks on their faces after winning over each member of the Southampton crowd with a totally awesome set.

Video:1st Rule of Fight Club

Glamour of the Kill must feel they are playing to a home crowd tonight, such is the enthusiasm of the crowd, maybe it is the fact the tomorrow is good Friday and most people are off work for the Easter Holidays, this is certainly one of the reasons for everyone's high spirits. The four piece look everything like a rock band should with masses of hair and all covered in tattoos, their music is just no nonsense pure heavy metal. The set is made up of a couple of new numbers and some more familiar songs from the 1st two records. The crowd responds with a huge circle pit and along a magnificent wall of death, with lead singer 'Davey Death' splitting the room in half, and then after a count of three lets the two halves at the audience take a run at each other, no one is hurt but I am sure there were a few bruises on limbs. 'Kiss of Death' and show closer 'Rise from Your Grave' get the audience willingly taking part singing along with Davey. The band leave the stage shaking many hands of the adoring fans as, sadly no encore but surely the new tactic is leaving everyone wanting more.

Video:So Who Said Romance Is Dead?

Review/photos/videos by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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