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This was a night I anticipated for a long time and a night that shall go down as memorable; Debutante Disco I only caught the last 3 songs but that was enough to want to see them again and give them a better assessment, Xray Spex were superb, Poly’s voice the same as it ever was, the classic songs came back to me and the crowd took home a punk rock memory they wont forget, but I’m here to review the performance of the brotherhood of punk rock and roll, GOLDBLADE.

Once I got in the venue with my fiancée Lorraine, friends Dixie and Charlie, you could sense something was about to happen, it seemed we were all like the little kid expecting Santa to turn up at Christmas, well he didn’t but what did happen was we all received a present of pure punk rock nostalgia with all the newness of anything portraying the sound of this generation and the assurance that the music that was laughed at 30 years ago will still be here when most of those mockers and scoffers are dead and buried (NME take note)

From time to time I’m asked the question “what do you think of Goldblade?” Hmmmmm! Thinking about the question, I always want to reply go and watch them, listen to the songs, take in what is going on in all it’s fullness and when you have caught your breath the answer will become clear, it’s as good as it gets doing what they do.

Goldblade take to the stage and it’s straight into the anthemic “Fighting In The Dancehall” and the tone is set, brace yourselves for a full on 30 minutes plus of in your face, pure punk as f*@k, crowd participation songs led by the man himself John Robb along with Pete, Rob, Johnny Skullnuckles and Keith, Goldblade are go.

With so many good songs on offer it’s a wonder how to choose what to play, but every song is a classic and even the Goldblade virgins can’t help themselves getting carried away with the “Whoa oah whoa oahs” of the first songs.

Other songs to follow (not necessary in exact order) AC/DC next carrying on the tone already set, followed by my personal favourite ‘Strictly Hardcore’ a song that kicks ass, but I had to refrain from jumping on stage as is a usual thing.

The crowd are soon reeled in with songs such as Black Sheep Radical, Psycho and then the land lubbers are prepared for high seas songs such as Jukebox Generation, Mutiny and Riot, John Robb’s shirt is removed early in the set and the sweat ridden, adrenaline flowing front man has the crowd participating with the ladies already on stage giving the audience a taste of a punk riot heaven.

One thing this band are good at is keeping the attention of their audience, especially John Robb and with the song “The Power Of Rock and Roll” this is where he and the band are at their best, individuals having hands laid on them and then asked “Brother, do you believe in the power of rock and roll, to the answer “Yessssssssssssssss” “Sister, do you believe in the power of rock and roll” I had to chuckle as one woman said no, ah well one out of 3000 plus ain’t bad for a night of Mutiny on the high seas at the Roundhouse with Goldblade…………enter Xray Spex

Reviewed by Andy K  

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