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This was quite a chilly night in London, very, very cold indeed what the fuck, in fact I had caught a cold a few days before, but couldn’t miss this gig for nothing. 

Gunfire 76’s first show in London, hopefully not the last, supported by Bullets And Octane and another band whose name I am sorry guys but can’t remember, but they were very young long haired rockers. This unknown band of fresh-faced  rockers, whose name and whereabouts I’d be grateful if someone could let me know, opened the bill with a heavy rock sound and attitude,  filled the stage with a heavy hint of metal grace and left leaving a nice smell of young blooded rage that felt quite good. By the way, they proved the sound at the Garage was ace, as well as loud as fuck.

Bullets And Octane came on next, and if you wanna see electricity personified just watch Gene, the frontman’s whole set antics, man the guy would not stop jumping, stomping the stage like a mad man and bouncing around wildly for the whole of the set, all of it very appropriate for them as they are an absolutely and totally punk rock band who rock the fuck on all of the time if you get my drift, and have been around the block quite a few times, know their way onstage in front of a live audience like the back of their hand and get away with a pretty amazing show. A must see and listen, but believe me, especially a must see!!

Gunfire 76’s set disappointed me in just one way: it was too short. One hour! I know that is the standard time for headlining bands playing this size of venues now and it’s been that way for quite some time now, which sucks because it didn’t used to be that way say, eight years ago. I remember longer concerts, longer lasting fun. But I would really love it for bands like these to stretch their show duration a bit more. In spite of that, the show was so very incredibly rocking and amazing! Much better than expected, to be true.


The band really, really rocked as fuck from beginning to the end, and the frontman, Wednesday 13, was wild, wasted, nuts and funny as hell and put on a wonderfully energetic and crazy rock and roll show. By the end of it hell yes, his clothes, hair and makeup were dirty and filthy too, um... probably smelly? I bet they stank like a dead skunk! Good!


Many of their songs from their album “Casualties And Tragedies” were included in the set, as well as a W13 solo classic “From Here To The Hearse”, with a super cool bit at the end of the song blending in with Alice Cooper’s “Under My Wheels”, and the encore consisting of the great classics of all time, “197666” and of course an E-P-I-C “I Love To Say Fuck”, with Bullets and Octane’s frontman Gene stepping in to sing along and raise middle fingers in the air with us and the band. It was a pretty excellent show, which left us craving for more, so we want more, bring in the new songs, we want more, more, MORE!!! Much more and very soon!!! Do it!!! Now!!!

Review by Rachel 10.12.09 

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