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Tonight the Boiler Room in Guilford offers a trio of live bands all with very different pedigrees , the 1st band on are "Velvet West",  back in the 1980's and early 1990's lead vocalist Patrick Sullivan fronted successful Aldershot based bands "West One" and "Blue Velvet" , both bands were adored by many for their  well written anthems and exciting live performances. They have been persuaded to tread the boards one more time, Pat along life long friend with Ady Evans (Bass), Graham Judd(Guitar Vocals) and  Gary Finch(Drums) take to the stage with their 1st number "Note Turned Blue" which immediately shows the band, that after just a few rehearsals they are in fine form and sound great. The combination of some excellent guitar work and well delivered vocals impress those gathered here, as the set goes on the bands confidence seems to grow further with more great songs such as "Brick by Brick", "Sherry" and "Shine"  the last number which saw a mini stage invasion with several fans sharing the vocals on the chorus.

A truly memorable set for all those in attendance,  it was just a shame the couldn't have play for

I have been itching to see "The Fleas" for a while now after hearing their infectious pop tunes on their myspace site, the 1st thing that hit me about this band is that they all seem so happy, it might sound a strange thing to say, a lot of bands play a gig and you see no real reaction in their faces, lead singer  Piers couldn't stop smiling from the moment he arrived on stage. The backing vocalist Bernadette has her suitcase of tricks, well a xylophone to be precise which adds an unusual and very welcome element to their music. Drummer Mannie, Guitarist Nigel and latest member Michael Boyland formerly of "Inter" make up the rest of the band and they all play together as very tight unit, producing some great music which went down well with the Boiler room crowd
Grand Valley Speedway have been away from the live music circuit for about 10 years, so just after three short rehearsals they are back and ready to rock, the three piece outfit from London belt out some great tunes such as "Sugarcube" , "Hole in the Heart" and the newly written "Invisible ink" which was only written recently during one of their rehearsals. Like "Velvet West" despite being away for all this time the band are able to deliver to the delight of many in the audience that have travelled a fair distance just for this special reunion. The biggest cheer of the night was saved for the track made famous by the local compilation tape "The Farnborough Groove" "Steve McQueen" with the lyrics "I know a girl who had a dream she fell in love with Steve McQueen", great vocals and a very catchy guitar riff all the ingredients for a great song ending the evening in
Velvet West - Sherry
The Fleas
Grand Valley Speedway
Reviewed by Dave Chinery (Chinners)

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