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I have been lucky enough to catch these guys a couple of times before supporting The Levellers, sadly their sets only lasted about half an hour or so. Tonight Hobo Jones and The Junkyard Dogs are headlining the White Hart in Wimborne as part of the annual Wimborne Folk Festival, this is just one of many Festival dates for the band this summer with further dates at Beautiful Days, Glastonbury and Endorset festivals. Hobo Jones along with his two band mates Miser Bill and Wino Tyrone take to the stage looking everything like 3 drunk tramps thrown out of a shop doorway, hold on a minute they all have a certain charm, their smiles and warmness are infectious . The chemistry between the 3 band members is there for everybody to see with their priceless well timed comedy you have a complete package. The music is extremely original with a tea chest bass, a washboard and acoustic guitar at the core of their sound with various other items being brought in. There are songs by Led Zeppelin, Green Day, Johnny Cash and a great version of "River Flow" by The Levellers. Tonight's crowd is made up of all ages and by the looks of the smiles and the sound of the applause the band are going down a storm.
 They have created their own genre of music and called it "Skunk Rock" which mixes skiffle with punk and their influences are said to be the likes White Lightning, Strongbow, Scrumpy Jack, Meths and  Lighter Fluid. A version of Jilted John's song which includes the line "Gordon is a Moron" which is dedicated to our Prime Minister Gordon Brown who apparently is making a bit of a mess of our country at the moment, this gave everybody the chance to sing the chorus "Gordon is a Moron" at the tops of their voices which sounded just fantastic. After being called back for an encore the band present the audience with a suitcase full of kitchen utensils, these get passed around to the lucky people in the 1st few rows and for one song they get the chance of becoming members of the band, hitting serving spoons and metal plates together in time to the music. You really cannot fault these guys performance tonight they have entertained everybody in the place tonight and get an excellent reception at the end of the set. Two bits of Hobo Jones information that might come in useful, firstly don't get to their gigs too early as you may see these guys out of their stage gear and it might spoil the illusion that they are not real tramps and they are not from the west country at all.....................Maidstone in Kent.
 Whiskey in the Jar
Review by Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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