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Do The Stooges need an introduction? Massively influential, lasting a few short years, late 60's/early 70's. Fast forward to 2003 and they're back with originals the Asheton bros, Steve Mackay (sax player on 'Fun House'),Mike Watt (Minutemen) and of course Mr James Newell Osterberg, AKA Iggy Pop. 

Phil & I catch the end of Gogol Bordello & watch Supergrass who fare OK (neither of us are real fans). Loads of other stuff going on but we’d rather not fight the crowds. By 7.40pm The Stooges appear. Can’t believe I’m seeing them and start jumping up and down. Bad idea - feet already killing me. We hover at the back with limited view and rather fuzzy sound. Iggy flies around in blue jeans, no top plus lots of muscle to ‘Loose’ and ‘1969’. The man's got boundless energy, climbing into the crowd during ‘I Wanna Be Your Dog’. No change from when I first saw him live 27 years ago. 

‘TV Eye’ and ‘Real Cool Time’ follow. Iggy invites punters onstage yelling “I’m so fucking lonely, get the fuck up here, let them up, let the people in, I won’t shut up…I’m so cold…. waaaaaaah!!!!”. About twenty brave blokes (maybe two women) clamber on, jumping around wildly. ‘No Fun’ precedes some introductions….. “ladies and gentlemen, playing the bass, Mike Watt, on the fucking drums, Scott Asheton, on the fucking guitar Ron Asheton”. Steve Mackay (sax) isn’t forgotten. 

Next up-‘I Feel Alright’ and we certainly do, although I notice many folks nearby talking, sitting down & yelling on mobiles. Ah well, maybe they only came along for a nice day out. We get ‘Fun House’, ‘Whatever’, ‘Search & Destroy’, ‘My Idea of Fun’ (maybe the only song from recent LP ‘The Weirdness’) and finally ‘I Got a Right’. 

“Yayayayaya!!”…….Iggy squawks like a frantic baboon. They’re back for an encore- two more songs; ‘Little Doll’ & ‘Little Electric Chair’. Ten minutes later and it’s all over far too soon. Bloody fantastic!! Fireworks explode while everyone surges for the exit. 

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Photo’s by Phil Guild


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