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"Magnum Opus Rock-a-hula-luau "

Wonderful Ben The Shape insisted we catch one of his fave bands, The Inconsolables, as recommended in a recent MudKISS interview. Couldn’t refuse- The Freebutt is close to home and within walking distance. Went there regularly mid-90’s onwards but not since a Kills gig in 2002. Recently taken over by Southampton’s Joiners Arms it’s now a proper gig venue. Weird to think my hubby’s old band played there several times in a tiny 50 capacity area. 

Read this was a Hawaiian themed night hosted by a local tattoo studio. Wasn’t going to get the grass skirt out – far too cold! On arrival we went to the upstairs bar. Bumped into a work colleague- this often happens round here. After a couple of drinks we headed off to see the band.
According to their website The Inconsolables are Seb Brennan: Keyboards, Cam 'Unit' Omoe: Bass, Ric Chapman: Guitar, Ed Zed: Vocals/Guitar, Varrick Zed: Vocals/Keytar.

 ‘An electro-punk pop sextet comprising a Finnish army refugee, the Manhattan muse of a world-renowned artist, and a juvenile offender from Canada - alongside a British-born bevy of ex-child actors, punks and drunks’.

We've been described as "CLEVER BOUNCY SQUONKY POP... B52s-style boy/girl vocals without the annoyance factor, swirling fizzing keyboards and urgent trips to the end of the pier" (The Organ). Based in London, since finalising our line-up last May we've spasticated crowds at clubs such as Buttoned Down Disco and Twee As Fuck, and Camden Barfly, and we'll be taking our squonky sound on the road in 2008.

Only about 15 people stayed to watch so plenty of space to move about! Full of energy, Ed Zed bounced round the stage, hardly pausing for breath. They reminded me of The Rezillo’s, B52’s or more recently The Priscilla’s (must be the lovely Mrs Zed’s backing vox). Loved the first number, ‘Selfish’ and a fantastic Dick Dale style tune (‘Surf Rats’?). Catchy new single ‘Hoverfly’, complete with quirky keyboard and slidey guitar sounds got the crowd moving. Running through nine fast, up-tempo songs in 30 minutes flat, they all looked exhausted on leaving the stage. No encore- there’s some kind of curfew due to noise restrictions. We wandered into the Hobgoblin pub to analyse events. Pity it hadn’t been well attended. The folks of Brighton don’t know what they missed. Why not check them out here:  

Photo’s by Phil Guild


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