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I first discovered Inme after going to see the band support "Puddle of Mudd" at the Astoria in London in August 2002, they just had 2 singles under their belt "Underdose and "Firefly" which were getting decent airplay on music television, their debut album "Overgrown Eden" was released in January 2003. Fast Forward to September 2009 and Inme are midway through yet another UK tour in promotion of their fourth studio album "Herald Moth" they have swelled to a four piece, however just before the tour started drummer Simon Taylor and new guitarist Ben Konstaninovic were involved in a serious car accident, Simon somehow came through unscathed and Ben broke his arm making it impossible to play guitar. The band decided to do the tour as a three piece once again as they could not pull the tour at such short notice letting everybody down.
Mudkiss has been lucky enough to be invited to join the band at two dates on their latest tour with the offer of an interview with all of the band. The 1st date was in Southampton at a great venue called "The Talking Heads" which sees a completely sold out crowd here for tonight's entertainment.  Inme take to the stage to a dance style trippy intro tape and launch in to the awesome "Myths and Photographs" one of the stand out tracks on their 3rd album "Daydream Anonymous" the crowd go wild with a mass of bodies flying around the dancefloor in some kind of mosh pit frenzy. Lead singer Dave McPherson 1st addresses the crowd thanking everyone for their support, he says that Inme are not about being the coolest band around and nor do they do not follow any fads or trends, they just want to be appreciated for what they do. The band play for over an hour and twenty minutes producing a truly memorable performance full of highlights,  of which the crowd tonight really enjoyed. The tracks from the new album did go down really well with a large section of the crowd singing the words which is great as "Herald Moth" only gots it's full UK release on 14th September.
A short trip down to Somerset to the town of Yeovil for the next show on the 20 date tour, before the gig at the OrangeBox ,the band have  agreed to chat to me in their dressing room.
Photo: InMe in the dressing room.
Chinners - Where in the country do you like playing the most, is there any particular areas where you feel there are better gigs than others ?
Dave - Manchester, Southampton , London, Glasgow, Yeovil well everywhere really we have a really loyal fanbase and all the gigs are good, if they are not we just have to step up the pace, each gig is a challenge
Greg - We have about 7-10 fans who are following us around the country doing the whole tour.
Chinners - If you were interviewing Inme what question would you like to ask ?
Dave - That's a really difficult one, I have never been asked that before, I know, What is it like to be in a band ? and Greg will answer it
Greg- It is very hard work a lot more hard work than people realize, it can be very rewarding, it not all about partying all the time, we do still get time for that though, we were in the Soul Cellar in Southampton until the early hours last night, Simon still has a hangover!!
Photo: Chinners and the band
Chinners - As well as Inme Dave you have a well documented solo career amongst other projects, when you are writing new songs how can you tell the difference between Inme songs and Dave McPherson solo songs ?
Dave - The band gives me the best opportunity of getting my songs heard, writing an Inme song they always have a metal feel about them, however some songs do crossover such as the track "I will Honour You" from the new album, a song with a very personal subject matter.
Chinners - Where did the name "Herald Moth" come from ?
Greg- Myself and Dave used to be in a band called "Herald Moth" and as we were struggling to find a name for the album Simon suggested we use it. It is our  second album "White Butterfly's" evil darker twin.
Chinners - I have read recently on some of your fan forums that you will not be playing some of the songs from your first album "Overgrown Eden" live again, Why is that ?
Dave - The album was written we were very young and immature we were a completely different band then to what we are now, songs such as "Neptune" and "Firefly" we are not so proud of and have no plans to play them live again.
Greg - We are still digging "Underdose" and play that live, some songs like "Lava Twilight" has been overplayed on various tours and needs to be rested so it does not sound stale.
Chinners - Last night at the Southampton show, one of the support bands "Symphony Cult" lead singer Charlotte Lubbock came onstage and said "Hello Northampton" which was so funny as she had not even realized what she had said. Have you had any "Spinal Tap" moments like this ?
Dave - Not really too many that I can remember, oh yes there was this one time that the soundman was using a cd and not an ipod and the intro music as we entered the stage started skipping, this was very embarrassing and we had to make light of it when we got on stage.

Chinners -What are you listening to on your i-pods currently ?
Greg - I am listening to Born Of Osirius and Steel Panther
Dave - I quite like Imogen Heap's new album.
Chinners - Inme have supported some really big names in the past Iron Maiden, Puddle Of Mudd, Limp Bizkit and most recently Serj Tankian, do have any stories from any encounters with any of these bands ?
Dave - When we was on a European tour with Serj Tankian I was a bit nervous of first meeting him, he was completely different to what his is onstage, he is a very quiet man and always gave me a warm hug. We got stoned and played table football with him in Holland which was great fun.
Chinners - What plans do the band have after this current tour ?
Greg- We would like to go on a European tour maybe as a support band to a major act, we will have a meeting after the tour and decide which was to go.
Chinners - Thank you so much for all your time today for me it has been an absolute thrill to meet up with you all and please give Ben my regards I wish him a speedy recovery.
Tonight's venue is slightly smaller than the Southampton venue with a much smaller stage which gives the who place a real intimate feel, once again there is a large crowd here tonight. The show kicks off and the sound man has done a real great job is getting everything just right, which is not always easy in these style venues. Inme are on fire and the crowd respond well to "Underdose" which sees everyone singing the words right back at the band. Opening track from "Herald Moth" "You Won't Hear From Me Again"  sound good live , however I feel Dave does struggle a little be trying to play all the guitar parts on his own, it should sound twice as good when Ben returns. The chemistry between the two brothers on stage really stands out with various nods and smiles between each of them confirming that they are really enjoying playing the new material live. Dave takes his acoustic guitar for a brilliant version of "All Terrain Vehicle" which includes the lyrics " I'm looking out  my window trying to find something to re-ignite this engine" was this written about the band , it sounds as it could have been. Due to a early venue curfew the band sadly have to cut their set short, the gig was enjoyed by the Yeovil crowd just as much as the one in Southampton with the band leaving the stage to a massive warm reception.
Yeovil Set-list
Intro: Myths and Photographs, Far Reaching, Ferocity in Desire,Underdose,You Won't Hear From Me Again, Solider, Single of the Weak, Cracking the whip, All Terrain Vehicle, Chamber,Otherside, Nova Armada, Faster The Chase.

'Nova Armada' (Yeovil October 2009)

Southampton Set-list
Intro: Myths and Photographs, Far Reaching, Ferocity in Desire, Underdose,You Won't Hear From Me Again, Solider, Single of the Weak, Cracking the whip, All Terrain Vehicle, Here's Hoping, Chamber, Otherside,7 Weeks, Nova Armada,
Faster The Chase.
 'You Won't Hear From Me Again' (Southampton Sept 09)

Dave Chinery(Chinners)

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