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              INTERVIEWS 2013
  • Peace: We're Kind Of In A Weird Space - Interview by James Lowther
  • Deadcuts: The World's A Beautiful & Fucked Up Place, There's Never A Dull Moment - Interview by Anne Johanna
  • Nick Mulvey - Simple Music, Adventurous Textures, That For Me Is Where I Put My Energies - Interview by Gareth Allen
  • Terry Chimes:Whats All This About You Used To Be In A Band? - Interview by Melanie Smith (coming soon)
  • The Ruen Brothers: Journey From Working Men's Clubs to Glastonbury - Interview by Paul Hastings
  • Stella Grundy: Interview With A Northern Star - by Nicky Crewe
  • Blue October: Sway Is About Hope, Courage And Faith - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Katatonia: I Want To Bring Back The Old Gory Element  - Interview By Gareth Allen
  • The Struts: Natural Born Performers - Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • Joe Foster: I'm Still Working I Haven't Died - Interview by Lee McFadden
  • The Shimmer Band: Sending Chills Down The Spine - Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • Those Darlins: We Always Try To Create A Unique Atmosphere Interview by Paul Hastings
  • The Bedroom Hour: Putting The Music First - Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • The Obscure Department: The 3rd Mind Of Robert Coyne & Jaki Liebezeit - Interview by Jeremy Gluck
  • Barb Wire Dolls: Punk Is Hard, Fast And Life Changing - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  • Jamie Lenman: This Is Like Proper Detective Shit! - Interview by Callum Barnes
  • Brother & Bones: We're Not Really Good At Relaxing  Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Davis Fetter: Playing Live Is Just As Important As Songwriting Interview by Paul Hastings
  • Revocation: One Of Our Darkest And Heaviest Albums To Date - Interview by Gareth Allen
  • Gertrude: On The Road Trip That Is Life - Interview by Lee McFadden
  • Phantom Runners: If We Are True To Ourselves It Will Hopefully Resonate With Other People - Interview by Jake Al-hilali
  • Duncan Reid: Every Time We Get Up On Stage We Are Really, Really Good - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  • Michael Monroe: Straight Up Rock N' Roll - Interview by Paul Hastings
  • Spires (Paul Sadler): Album, What Bloody Album - Interview by Andy Barnes 
  • Circle Of Rage: Anarchy At Its UK Best - Interview by Andy Barnes
  • The Fratellis: We Should Be In Good Form By The Time We Get To Manchester - Interview by Philip Howe
  • The Black Clouds: We Understand How Important Honest Rock N Roll Is So That's Our Main Goal - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Whales In Cubicles: If Your Happy To Say Something, Then You Can Write Music - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Beans On Toast: Keep On Keeping On - Interview by Jake Al-Hilali
  • Black Belt Karate: Supergroup....Nah..Just Super Sexy Ninja's Interview by Andy Barnes
  • Outfit: Putting On A Performance - Interview by James Lowther
  • Ian McNabb: The Eclectic Warrior Returning To Rock - Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • Sheila Rock: We Were All Young, And Everybody Wanted To Do Something - Interview by Murray Fenton
  • Thomas White: (Electric Soft Parade) 'Hey, Hey, We're The Electric Soft Parade' - Interview by Andy Barnes
  • The Boom Boom Booms: Rock 'n' Roll is the Binding Factor  Interview by Paul Hastings
  • Brian Gorman: The Decision to Write A Play About A Band As Iconic As Joy Division Didn't Come Easy, But Fortune Favours The Brave - Interview by Melanie Smith 
  • Charlie Straight: Glastonbury has always been something like a symbol for us - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Fish: Talking 'Feasts' - Interview by Mike Ainscoe
  • Emilie Autumn: The Wayward Victorian Girl - Interview by Melanie Smith
  • Shirlaine Forrest: (photographer) I Do Love A Challenge And Shooting In Places Which Get The Adrenaline Going - Interview by Melanie Smith
  • Adam Sharp: (Author) Daddy Was A Punk Rocker - Interview by Melanie Smith
  • Ann Witherall: (Author) I Loved The Excitement & Camaraderie Of Squatting - Interview by Den Browne
  • Darrel Higham & Slim Jim Phantom: The Katmen Cometh - Interview by Paul Hastings
  • The Blackchords: We'd Love To Get Back To The UK Again Soon - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Dave Hause: The New Record Will be Darker Than Resolutions Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Mark Arm (Mudhoney): Mud To Mud - Interview by Brett Dunford
  • God's Lonely Men: Alienation Is A Big Thing - Interview by Phil Thompson
  • Suzi Quatro: Looking Back, Stepping Forward - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  • Nicole Atkins: Like A Line Of Darkness Drawn In The Sand Interview by Melanie Smith 
  • The Courtesans: They Are Coming For You, Anything Could Happen - Interview by Brett Dunford
  • Danny Garcia: (Director)Punk Icon Film-Maker - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  • The Phoenix Experiment: Creating Cosmic Clarity From Within The Illusion - Interview by Andy Barnes
  • James Brennan: (Festival Organiser) We Are Making A Festival For The Soul – Interview by Paul Hastings
  • Cathode Ray: Shining A Light On The Cathode Ray, As They Lay Belief On Me - Interview by Chumki Banerjee
  • Sid Glover: [Heavens Basement] I'm Pretty Level headed - Interview by Phil King
  • Lene Lovich: There's Been Something Missing In My Life For A Long Time - Interview by Phil King
  • Twisted Wheel: Getting Back To Where They Belong - Interview by Nigel Cartner 
  • Turbogeist: What We Deliver Is Raw, Visceral, Good Time Music - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Bethia Beadman: Romance Is Just One Way Of Expressing The Unanswerable - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Dave Barbarossa: The Sound Of The Barbarossa Beat - Interview by Teddie Dahlin
  • Vinny Peculiar: [Parlour Flames] Here's To A New Beginning  Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • China White: Taking D-Funk To Hollywood And Beyond  Interview by Nigel Cartner
  • Bull-Riff Stampede - Taking The Thrashing Machine By The Horns - Interview by Andy Barnes
  • Scholars: Our Biggest Ambition Is Nothing Short Of Complete World Domination, So Get Ready - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Bellowhead: Fiddle, Bagpipes & Frying Pans - Interview by Mike Ainscoe
  • Sean Lakeman & Kathryn Roberts: The Ballad Of Sean & Kathryn - Interview by Mike Ainscoe 
  • Tommy Kessler: Blondie Is A Band! - Interview by Melanie Smith 
  • Damn Vandals:You can walk past it if you want, ignore it, but it’ll just come back again’ Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Mick O'Shea: The Anarchy Tour - Interview by Helen Donlon
  • The Virginmarys: We want to write songs and albums that will stay with people forever - Interview by Eva Jostakova
  • Snakes In The Grass: The Year Of The Snake - Interview by Melanie Smith
  • Collibus: Re -Formed, Refreshed, Resurgent And Ready To Rock Interview by Andy Barnes
  • Little Sparrow: …“There's A Door We Find And We Start To Dream" - Interview by Melanie Smith /Shay Rowan

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