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          Photo: Phil King -  Rosie from Ipso Facto at Manchester 17.02.09


Ipso Facto are a wonderfully refreshing all female band, with stunning dark, moody sound and image, they recently supported the reformed Magazine. I reviewed their set on Magazines gig review page - find it here:


Ipso Facto are:

Rosalie Cunningham - Vocals, Guitar; Samantha Valentine - Bass, Backing Vocals; Cherish Kaya - Keys, Backing Vocals; Victoria Smith - Drums


They are currently busy touring around the UK but I managed to contact Rosie the singer, for a little chat with Mudkiss in-between dates. Check out a stunning video for 'Six And Three Quarters', at the end of this interview.


Mel - I saw you supporting Magazine in Manchester and was blown away by both your image and your musical style and professionalism. You’re a breath of fresh air in the all too gloomy world of popular music. Could you tell us how you came to be asked to support Magazine, is there a good story behind it?


Rosie - Story goes, they saw our MySpace page. In our top friends were only 4 people, all bands, and magazine were one of them. This must have intrigued them so they came to see us play a shit little gig in Leeds and approached us afterwards asking if we would like to support them on their reunion your. We are huge fans and so were ecstatic!


Photo: Mel - Howard takes Rosie by the hand - Manchester 17.02.09


Mel - Rosie, it was a great honour not only to be asked to support Magazine but also to sing a duet with Howard Devoto and backing vocals, were you at all nervous about the prospect?


Rosie - Terrified, at first anyway, it got easier each time. I knew that the audience would be hardcore fans like me who had been waiting for years to see magazine play and I didn't want to get in the way, spoil it for them, or just look and sound unnecessary. But for some reason that I  am very grateful for, they really enjoyed it.


Mel - What has been the highlight of the short tour with Magazine? Whose idea was it to perform Klaus Nomi’s ‘You Don’t Own Me’? And do you plan to do any more cover numbers?


Rosie - I think Glasgow was the highlight, for Sam and I for sure. As we were doing backing vocals for Magazine each night we never got the chance to watch them from the audience, always having to hang around the side of the stage until it was time for us to go on. But in Glasgow we sneaked off for the end chunk of the set, found two strong men, got on their shoulders at the front, causing a right scene. It was amazing.

 I don't think we plan to do any more covers, maybe live, but I have always been quite against the idea. People already find it hard to believe that a girl band can write all their own songs, for reasons I  don't understand, so playing more covers would just be feeding the rumours.


Mel - You supported The Horrors in 2008, & Magazine this month now I believe you’re touring independently for the first time. How much are you looking forward to that? Coming to a town near me and I hope I will be able to attend.


Rosie - We have actually started the tour now, 4 days in. Going from playing to 5000 people a night at venues like Hammersmith Apollo to playing to 50 people on an industrial estate in reading is naturally going to be a shock to the ego. The ups and downs are far more extreme compared with the big support tours we have done in the past. The downs being the playing to 50 people on an industrial estate in reading. The ups being the fact that everyone there is loving it and that you are loving it even more. Playing to an intimate crowd of people who are there solely to see you play your music is the best feeling in the world.


Mel - Do you have any new material lined up for the shows? Do you write all your own material? What do you write about & where do you get inspiration?

Rosie - We do write all of our own material. We have loads of new material at the moment, we are only debuting 2 new songs on the tour though. We haven't had much time to rehearse with all the gigging so most of the new songs remain un learnt, in demo form on my laptop. As for what I write about... well the music always comes to me before the lyrics. But inspiration for lyrics usually comes from dreams or ideas I have. I rarely write about real life, mundane topics. Instead it's all fantasies and other worlds. 

Photo: Phil King -  Ipso Facto at Manchester 17.02.09



Mel - Why the name Ipso Facto?


Rosie - That was Sam’s doing. She had a lecturer at university who she really fancied. He used to use the phrase ipso facto a lot apparently.


Mel - Can you talk us through the band, how long have you all been together, how did you come together? Did you play in any other bands before Ipso Facto?


Rosie - We have been together for almost 2 years now. Sam and I met in a band we were in together before ipso facto and an hour after meeting each other plotted to leave and start our own thing. Cherish was a friend of mine who I knew was a classical pianist so I got her in on organ. And Victoria was pure chance; we met at a bus stop.


Mel - Could you talk us through your musical influences, and how would you describe your musical style?


Rosie - I can't describe our musical style. I hate this question but I’ll give it a shot... dark melodramatic pop? Our influences are so varied; we all have different tastes to each other. But personally magazine are actually a big influence on me.


Mel - What are you backgrounds? Are they musical related?


Rosie - I have always been in bands and always written music. I left school and moved from Southend to London at 16 to do this. Sam is from Newcastle, moved to London to study drama, but was never in bands until we met in our previous band. Cherish was trained classically in piano and violin in Cambridge where she grew up. And Victoria has been playing drums forever. Starting off in orchestras and percussion ensembles at school in Bedford, then getting into jazz and being in many bands along the way.


Mel - You have a certain image on stage, dark, sullen, moody and sensual. I saw aspects of the Robert Palmer video ‘Addicted To love’. I wonder if this was in any way an influence on the ‘look’.


Rosie - Ha ha, the Robert Palmer video is not an influence! It's great, but no. The dark image on stage is nothing we try and create. I think the music naturally brings that sort of atmosphere and the fact that we don’t jump around the stage rocking out makes the performance seems moody. We are the complete opposite as personalities.


Mel - Aww what a shame and I thought I’d hit on something! When are you gonna put an album out?


Rosie - We actually are still unsigned. We have released singles on mute and pure groove but no album deal yet unfortunately... we are dying to record it.


Mel - I really can’t believe no one has snatched you up yet. Finally where do you see the future of Ipso Facto? What would you like to achieve, how would world domination suit you?


Rosie - Would suit us perfectly I think. Being a cult underground band has its perks and we've enjoyed them, but we want to be huge. We may be a little too optimistic with our ambitions...


All at Mudkiss wish you great success with everything you do and thanks for the interview, let’s hope it’ll be the first of thousands you will do.





Ipso Facto MySpace - 

Photo's by Phil King& Mel (More photos here)

Phil Kings Flickr Site:

Interview by Mel 01.03.09


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