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Thank god its Friday! I couldn’t think of a better way to round off the working week than to throw off the shackles and let rip, especially in the current political climate.

The Jim Jones Revue are currently riding on the crest of a wave, with ecstatic reviews from the music press, courted by revered musicians, tons of airplay and a stunning performance on the Joolz Holland show recently. They are presently touring the UK and Europe to promote their new album, ‘Burning Your House Down’ which is a stonker of an album produced by Grindermans drummer Jim Sclavunos. We were in Manchester at the Sound Control (currently the hottest club in town) to witness just how rock n roll these guys truly are.

Supporting TJJR tonight are Salford band, The Black Knights. Both bands were floating around the bar area as we arrived, and very appealing/interesting they looked too, so we were more than eager to get up close. The Black Knights are a stripped down two man band, wasn’t sure what to expect really, the singer was kinda scary, a cross between the Joker and a psychotic preacher, wearing black smudgy eyeliner, a suit and tie, completing the ensemble with studded toe shoes, a bald headed and wide crazy eyes. Musically it was a little bizarre, just The Dark Reverend (as he likes to be called) real name Gary Hope on vocals and on drums, Thomas Richard Pickford III (otherwise known as simply Thomas). They class themselves as a voodoo, trash duo and I couldn’t argue with that or come up with a better description. They unleashed a selection of tracks ranging from ‘I drove A Stake Right Through YourHeart’ to  ‘Saturday Night Succubi’, very tongue in cheek and riveting to watch, unusual vocal style, working as a tight knit combo, interacting with one another, almost a comic horror presence. They left the stage after singing ‘Generation Aberration’ I almost expected them to shout out ‘we have come for your souls’ and stare into the assembly to select a willing or unwilling victim! Be scared:


Saturday Night Succubi
LA Hayfever
I Drove a Stake Right Through Your Heart
Bad Blood
Generation Aberration
When The Jim Jones Revue finally landed on the stage, I knew instantly this was gonna get messy (in a good way). So, fortunately we chose just the right spot, just far left in front of both guitarists, on Bass Gavin Jay  and Guitar Rupert Orton, to the far right on Keyboards Elliot Mortimer, drummer Nick Jones and the one and only Jim Jones on vocals. 

They started into the first number, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey’ from their first album the Jerry Lee Lewis pounding piano number, it took a while to liven the crowd up but once it got going it became frenzied, the rails moved and the guys pushed, Jim was asking the guys to watch out for the Ladies at the front. (He’s certainly a gentleman Jim). Rupert & Nick came so close to the stage straddling their guitars we almost got swept away.

By the time ‘Rock n Roll Psychosis’, the third offering (from the 2008 album) began to ring out the place was a rockin. This is what its all about, sexy, sweaty, balls to the wall, honest, loud, music with passion by the bucket load. I’ve never witnessed the Sound Control so out of control, with the barrier a moving and the swelling masses getting a good squeezing, and frantically dancing around, pushing and a shoving. Although everyone was having a ball, Jim offered his guitar up for one and all to have a grope several times, as well as a bit of playing with the teeth. They revived an old Elvis number ‘Big Hunk O Love’ making it completely their own, and finally ‘Princess And The Frog’ rang out to a rousing sensational climax. A punk sensibility with a feverish modern twist on rock n’roll, including homage’s to The Clash, Little Richard, James Brown, MC5’s, Jerry Lee Lewis and more.

And so the song goes….Hey baby I wasn’t asking much of you…... but you certainly brought a big hunk of love to Manchester. I can’t see this crew waiting much longer for the bigger venues as this was a sell out show. Striding into town with all guns a blazing they tore up Manchester, almost burned this house down (sorry couldn’t resist) and left us panting for more. My ears were ringing for 24 hours afterwards, but bring it on again; we’ll certainly be back for more.


Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Dishonest John
Rock N Roll Psychosis
Another Daze
High Horse
Shoot First
Burning Your House Down
Cement Mixer
Who’s Got Mine
Killing Spree
Righteous Wrong
Big Hunk O Love
Princess And The Frog

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