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After  several line-up changes over the years, here we were, waiting for Killing Joke to manifest themselves before our hungry  eyes, ears, bodies and minds.  The legendary 80’s band whose unique sound clearly spelt rebellion against the system since the very beginning, a distinctive sound that later on became an obvious inspiration for other bands such as Nine Inch Nails, Nirvana or Godflesh amongst many many others,  returned to life this time featuring original members Jaz Coleman, Geordie Walter, Paul Ferguson and Youth.  Their shows in Spain promised a more than alluring review of their two first albums, 1980’s “Killing Joke” and 1981’s “What’s This For”.

So anticipation was very high for their many fans waiting for that Thursday, Sept. 18th in Barcelona. The wait turned out to be absolutely worth it!  Fortunately for us, (though unfortunate for Killing Joke), another band, The Hellacopters were playing their farewell tour’s show in the city that night too, so die-hard only  Killing Joke fans were there reunited, which made the show even more incendiary and enjoyable.  Although as I said, a band of the calibre and stature of Killing Joke deserved a complete sold-out, but I guess these are the times we’re living in.

So the band stepped onstage, Jaz Coleman wearing his characteristic grey army jumpsuit. They kicked in with  “Requiem”, so time for sudden manic body and head electric shocks  had already started!!!.. Whoo-hooo!!! ... The set list was a dream come true, and gems such as as “Eighties”,  “ Money is not our god”,  “Love like blood”  and more were being mercilessly shot one by one at us,  as Coleman’s small interludes of words both to the wise and the foolish made things even more perfect . The show quickly became a crazy Mass, with the fans worshipping in several different ways as “The Wait”, “Bloodsport” and “Madness” lacerated our wild sweaty selves, Geordie Walter’s guitar slashing the venue to pieces with its piercing trademark moan and Martin Glover “Youth” kicking the shit out of his bass in accordingly killer style. The Mass finally ended with “Wardances”, an exquisite closure for the worshippers to encourage us to leave church fast and happily go sin again in the night.


Reviewed by Rachel