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Ladyaslan is a different kind of poet. Another very special lady let me know about her a while ago, here in the wonderful world of myspace... so I had a look and thought: ooh, yummy!! Soon after I found out too about her fondness for that guy Jason Statham, serious bald hotness too, so there could be no other way but to find out a bit more about her, especially about her delicious book of  poetry, “Victorian Days And Punk Rock Nights”, a very unique book to add to your collection of precious bedtime reads, which you can buy here:, it’s is published by Xlibris, sister company to Random House Publishing Co.   

Her myspace page is:, go add her!

Ladyaslan was awarded the Outstanding Achievement award on July 22, 2007 by the International Society of Poetry along with a bronze medal for Merit. She is currently a member of the International Society of Poets. Most recently awarded her with an Editor’s Choice award in February of this year. Over the past decade Ladyaslan has received awards and congratulations from and International Society of Poets. Ladyaslan’s poem ‘Veiled’ was awarded a Certificate of Accomplishment for honors in poetic writing. ‘Veiled’, was chosen to be published in the compendium of poetry, by UK publisher Noble House, in their collection entitled ‘Centres of Expression’.

In essence, she is a fucking rocking young lady with a lot of talent and wit and much more, plus she’s funny too, so there. Below is Ladyaslans lil’ interview for your delight. Enjoy and buy her book folks, it’s worth it!

Rachel - Hi, how are you feeling today?

LadyaslanI’m feeling rather well, ust rode about 5 miles on the bicycle and now I’m relaxing with a nice cup of tea - Turkish Apple is quite yummy and thinking what would lust do?

Rachel- You describe yourself as Stephen King on Xanax, haha what makes you say that?

Ladyaslan - Ha-Ha…well you see, when I write I start out slow, like a highly potent opiate… one starts to feel the warm sensation stroll through their central nervous system and then *BANG* they are caught up in what my mind produced, going down and around the rabbit hole with me…

Rachel – What do you think about “things” like the suicide girls and other clone fashion sites?

Ladyaslan - I think they’re a great idea…I have perused those sites over the years and thought “Wow, what once was considered taboo or porn, has turned into an underground subculture art form.” I like the fact the ladies are pierced and tattooed and have real figures and they looked just as glamorous as the traditional model…well they look better!! Ha-Ha

Traditional models now look like starved 10 yr old boys and who the fuck wants to look at that…I say do what you want as long as you are of age to do, so test your limits and respect your boundaries.

Rachel - "Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood" (Oscar Wilde) .... What does that quote bring to mind?

Ladyaslan - “Vermouth and a strange panorama of pride…”

Rachel - Why the name, Ladyaslan?

Ladyaslan - Well as a little girl I was always “Lady” something…never wanted to be a princess, because every little girl I knew had pink fucking rooms and dolls all over the place, they would always want to play princess dress up. I was more of let’s not and say we did, how about we pretend the vampires are coming to eat you for dinner and I will be the “lady” of the manor and let them in!

I got in trouble a lot for wanting to play that game. My Grams and I watched a great deal of old black and white T.V. shows, like ‘Dracula’, ‘Abbott and Costello’ and all those oldies but goodies. Then one day the cartoon version ( circa 1979 ) of ‘The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe’ came on and I was in awe. The carton was so-so (I wasn’t a cartoon fan as a child) but I loved Aslan. My Grams had the book, we read it together and that book and name stuck with me as I grew older…hence Ladyaslan and yes I spell it as one word, because that is how I roll.

Rachel - And your favourite way to annoy people is...

Ladyaslan - By being me and nobody else BUT me! People always say “why do you wear so much black” or “ why do you have so many tattoos, that is not good” or “why do you listen to music that is so dark” and I say, “Oh I am sorry…let me go and change my trousers so they hang around my ass and I will put some bass in my car and cut my hair real short so I can look just like you…bitch please” they tend to shut up after that and leave me alone.

Rachel - Where do you come from, where are you now, and where are you going?

Ladyaslan - I come from a dark basement with dirt for a floor….the smell of old beer and blood scent in the air, stain the walls and Dark Shadows is on the telly in the background. Outside the door is Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania….I then traveled on the wings of an owl, landed in the armpit of hell and for the next 25 yrs scratched and crawled my way out of that fleshy hot mess and closed the window… I never looked back to Orlando, Florida…that was 3 months ago that I hoped on my broom and landed at Schipol airport in Amsterdam and decided to take up a new life in the Netherlands…but you never know which way this wild child in me flows…as for “where are you going” I have always had a thing for British accents… be continued would be the best to say for now.

Rachel - How do you rebel against boredom and bullshit?

Ladyaslan - I just say “FUCK IT” besides I am allergic to bullshit.

Rachel - By the way do you get bored easily? What bores you and what entertains you the most?

Ladyaslan - No, I don’t get bored easily…I entertain “me” the most with a great soundtrack to go along with it.

Rachel - What makes you feel the happiest?

Ladyaslan - I haven’t a clue yet…I’ll let you know when I find out.

Rachel - Who/what do you find sexy, and why?

Ladyaslan - Oh dear….who do I find sexy…men with a shaved heads and I like very dark hair and blues eyes and tattoos are nice to have…I find vampires sexy…gypsy clothing sexy…perfume...snowy days...wet skin...sleeping in...knee-high boots....Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran is a fucking god…Jason Statham is delicious…Daniel Radcliffe grew into a hotty and as to why I find all this sexy…hmmm cause it aesthetically pleasing to me.

Rachel- Any music/bands/icons of any kind that inspire you?

Ladyaslan - No “one” person or “one” band or “icon” ever inspired me, the voices in my head are what made me what I am today and I am still a work in progress.

I have bands and music that I just LOVE to listen too Duran Duran, Sex Pistols, Julian Lennon, Nitzer Ebb, Siouxsie, Crystal Method, Prodigy, anything New Wave from the 80’s and some of the American 80’s pop (not a lot of it though)…Punk…Goth…Classic Rock and Classical music~I love Mozart…we have a similar annoying ear bleeding laugh.

Rachel - When did you start writing poetry?

Ladyaslan - I started to write poetry in the mid 80’s.

Rachel - Tell me, first song that comes to mind right now and why?

Ladyaslan – ‘Ghost Town’ by The Specials and why does it come to mind you ask? Simply, it’s playing right now on my iPod right now.

Rachel - You love tattoos, what is the last one you’ve had done, who is your fave tattoo artist right now and, finally, who would you like to get inked by?

Ladyaslan - My last tattoo was a 6 inch caricature of Harry Potter ( mixture of the book character and the movie character ) on my rib cage.

My favorite tattoo artist is Lance Norris out of Orlando, Florida at I-Drive Tattoos, he’s my favorite and has been tattooing me for 13 yrs and he has been in the biz for 15+ yrs. He is absolutely brilliant and has a knack for drawing ( free hand ) the ideas and shapes and colors of our heart’s desire and what I and others want on our bodies for life. The shop is immaculate and his skills are that of a mad genius. He has a dark wit  and there is a calmness about him that would make the most nervous client feel at ease. As for “who” I would want to tattoo me, well that would be the one and only…Lance Norris…I wrote a prose called ‘The Holding of the Iron’ ( Tattoo You ) for Lance and *maybe* one of the first prose about tattooing, not sure about that, but many people told me ( after they read my poem ) that they had never read a poem like that before and ‘The Holding of the Iron’ ( Tattoo You ) was featured in ‘The Cynic Online Magazine’June 2009 edition.

Rachel- Would you like to tell me a bit about your love for animals, and your cat, Babyboy?

Ladyaslan That’s a sad subject for me. My cat, Babyboy, a Tuxedo Cat, passed away June 2009 from complications from feline Diabetes. It was brought on by dry food, basically there are too many fillers and preservatives in the dry food. Cat food makers are more interested in “selling the consumer” by making it smell GREAT or putting odd items in the food, like rice!? When the fuck did your cat or anyone’s cat wake up one morning and say “ Meow…Fuck I want some rice?” .

So, like a person that ate a bad diet most of their life ends up with diabetes, so can a cat…now if I knew this PRIOR to my cat eating that dribble, I would have eradicated the source and he may still be here with me. It was only “AFTER” I took him to the vet in hysterics did the asshole of a Veterinarian tell me how “bad” dry cat food is for cat’s…I could go on and on about this in greater detail, but it pisses me off to think of it, cause it makes me want to jump on my broom and zip over to that over paid ass-hole that diagnosed my cat and beat him with my steel-toed boot…by the way he “was” my vet for over 20 yrs…so there was a definite professional relationship there and when I asked him ( in tears ) why he never told me about the dry cat food issue, he replied “YOU NEVER ASKED” and handed me the bill and walked away. Yea…I almost went to jail that day and was asked “never to come back”.

Rachel - You seem such an assertive person, who in your opinion makes a
strong woman?

Ladyaslan - A strong woman is any woman that can stand up for herself and put herself first. I have seen and known too many woman put everything before them, down to family and friends and that is BULLSHIT, if you are not in the right frame of mind and feel good about yourself and life you are living, how the hell can you assist your friends and family in their times of need? Women need to learn the art of enjoying every individually unique moment of life to its fullest potential. As I observe people that pass me like a ghost in the night, I am reminded of how enjoyable life is meant to be, even with all the ups and downs, we learn and become stronger. Live in anarchy of love and not be afraid of the next moment…embrace it and jump into the void with eyes wide open and grab your life by the balls and get it too where “you” want it to be. ( this goes for men too ) 

Rachel - How would you describe your poetry style?

Ladyaslan - My poetry style is dark and erotic, I hate to use the word “Gothic” because most think of the music genre or the “clothes” and I actually mean it in the literary term. I combine horror and erotic romance in some of my works and other pieces  are just plain eerie. I like the use of extreme emotion and fearfulness down to the awe inherent of the sublime in my poetry and short stories.

Rachel – Who is your favourite poet and your favourite poem?

Ladyaslan - Ooh! Wow! I have MANY favourites…one of my favourite poems is ( of course ) ‘The Raven’ by Edgar Allan Poe and a few yrs ago I came upon a short story written by Charles Dickens called ‘The Haunted House’ and just fell in LOVE with it.

Rachel - Which line out of a poem might you use to describe yourself?

Ladyaslan - It’s not a poem per se…Jim Steinman wrote this song called Tonight Is What It Means To Be Young in about 1984 and it goes a little something like this:

I've got a dream 'bout an angel on the beach
and the perfect waves are starting to curl
his hair is flying out in ribbons of gold
and his touch has got the power to stun I've got a dream 'bout an angel in the forest
enchanted by the edge of a lake
his body's flowing in the jewels alive
and the earth below is starting to shake

but I don't see any angels in this city
I don't hear any holy choirs sing
and if I can't get an angel
I can still get a boy
and a boy'd be the next best thing
the next best thing to an angel
a boy'd be the next best thing….

Rachel – Who do you wanna say fuck off to right now?

Ladyaslan - Fake friends and superficial asses…the ones that make a big fuss over one moving and then either turn in twats a month before one leaves or plainly have or “had” no time for said person.. So “D” and her gang can suck my ass…Stalkers can fuck off as well…whether they be a cyber stalker or the kind that hide in bushes ( have had both ) those fucks can definitely fuck off and anyone that gets in my way and pisses me off.

Rachel – Ask Ladyaslan (yourself) a question you think you may wanna like to answer..

Ladyaslan - What do you think Ladyaslan's favorite word of the moment is?
Sanatorium....because eventually we all make a

Thank you baby, we love you.

A little reminder here of the link to her

"Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights is a thoughtful and easy read into the mind of the author. Plagued with intriguing despair and soulful love, it is a poetic journey into music, humour, and spiritual insight from a Wiccan point of view. Plainly, its mad thoughts let loose on paper. Ladyaslan paces up and down the creaking floorboards of the dark side of your mind and reveals what has been hidden in the mysterious closet in your imagination. Welcome to Victorian Days and Punk Rock Nights." 

Much love and fun times to everyone from the epicentre of wonderland.

Yours truly, Rachel

Interview by Rachel

Photos & book cover by Ladyaslan

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