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Myspace were promoting a new female singer called Pip Brown who goes under the name of LadyHawke, named after a fantasy movie starring Michelle Pfeiffer.

I decided to take a train down to Manchester to see the show at the Roadhouse.The venue became full almost within half an hour, an all ticket affair; we were informed it was a sell out.


LITTLE BOOTS - (Support)

First up, a band from Blackpool called Little Boots, pretty, female blond singer called Victoria, with a few friends in the audience she wasn't afraid to be vocal despite it being her first time in Manchester and performing for the first time with her parents watching. They are very new to the circuit and receiving rave reviews in the media.

She certainly gave a good performance, looks the part, black and gold ensemble, played the xylophone, keyboards and bopping away, communicating with the audience, although I felt the vocals were weak, we couldn't hear her voice very well, but not sure if this was the sound mixers fault. The music wasn't loud enough as we were able to hear ourselves speak.  Electro disco music, occasionally with smatterings of Blondie, Goldfrapp, with an echo of Kylie, songs with titles such as 'Meddle', (great disco vibe),'Stuck On Repeat', 'Bring It On', They certainly sound much better on their MySpace page. They've been featured in a lot of press recently such as NME, Gay Times, MixMag, Dazed & Confused, Uncut ect - Apparently she is a Utube star/MySpace addict - check them out - I'll give it to this girl she's got talent and a sweet voice (shame we couldn't hear it too well at the gig)!!  

Little Boots -  July 2008

LadyHawke emerged around 9.30pm - Pip who is LadyHawke from New Zealand on vocals & synth, superb guitar playing - all round performer. Once again the vocals just didn't sound right until into the 3rd song.

We stayed around the front for a couple of numbers & photo opportunity's then went towards the back, the music sounded much better, although not loud enough, vocals spot on - the audience were loving it. Pip appears like a modern day Stevie Nicks, but somewhat shy and timid, personally I think she needs to work on her stage presence, (although she is doing fabulous as I've just found out Pip has Asperger's Syndrome and also suffers from stage fright).

However the songs are raucous, electric, and upbeat, I especially love 'Paris Is Burning', and Magic'. I have a strong feeling they are going places, Manchester certainly seemed to think so and so does Courtney and Kylie !

It would be nice if you could've mingled with the people instead of hiding away in the dressing room, would've been nice to chat. Quite often the best way to overcome fear is to face it !

We left the venue without our ears ringing - I would have a word with the soundmixer,or get a better soundcheck, your worth so much more.!


  1. Professional Suicide
  2. Manipulating Woman
  3. Dusk Till Dawn
  4. Magic
  5. Another Runaway
  6. Love Don't Live Here
  7. N Jenny (Didn't catch the rest of this track)
  8. Better Than Sunday
  9. Back Of The Van
  10. Paris Is Burning
  11. My Delirium

I've got their debut album check it out  'LadyHawke', also a new single 'Dusk Till Dawn'.

Myspace - 

Web site -

Guardian article -

They've been on a 7 Venue tour around the UK but if you catch them quick they are playing in London at The Scala Oct 7th (Tonight) last gig but I'm sure more will be added soon.

Review and photos by Mel 5.10.08

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