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Laura A.K.A LauRaEvil_DEAD is my buddy from Brisbane, Australia. A 24 year old with a passion for punk, cats and is extremely talented with Photoshop and imagery. No one needs to be famous on Mudkiss they just need to have an attractive sparkle and Laura has it in wild abundance. Laura’s images scream attitude and rebellion‘Oh Bondage Up Yours’!!

Where does she get her inspiration from, we need to find out!


Mel - Hi Laura, it’s great to talk to a young woman who is not afraid to express herself, someone who is relatively unknown. Let’s hope that this lil’ interview will get your works of art out into the world.I’m wondering, seeing as you’re so creative do you have a background in Art i.e. a qualification?


Laura – Yeah well I always had a background and I just always loved drawing n stuff. I used to get great marks from my teacher like in year one for drawing people real well like princesses, mermaids and horses u know real life kinda stuff HAHA! Nah I tried doing a diploma in design but flunked out because it was too suffocating, I couldn’t just ‘do my own thing’. I  hate having to follow guidelines I can’t be forced to do a certain outcome n I reckon all the assignments I did were half-arsed because I didn’t like the subject n therefore didn’t get ‘good marks’ that’s for morons. School is for morons.



Mel - How long have you been doing these images? And how did you start?


Laura – Photoshop images or drawings? I love cartoons but I’m not a obvious ‘cartoonist’. I used to try draw people ‘realistic’ but that’s so boring but nowadays I like to draw people or ‘make believe’ people that is bit cartoon yet still shows who they are - if that makes sense? Anyway I like twisted images I like twisted people, but in a good way. I’d say I’ve been doing these images since about 2002. I discovered the net and got in touch with some people who gave me ideas which I found addictive and since then I’ve needed to make these images as an outlet of my interpretations. The net is soo bizarre!!


MelWho’s art work do you like – is there anyone who inspires you, known or otherwise…it’s ok to promote someone from MySpace.


Laura - I always liked the artworks for The duel. A lot of their pics n flyers etc. have been ‘photoshopped’ or whatever program used? Dunno, its pop art but not too much n played with in a cool way. I like to see bands that take pride not just in the music they make but what’s on their album sleeves n promotions. See so much dumb shit these days for stupid bands that have had some corporate graphing artist make do their promotions or some bold n the boring style photoshoot! If I was in a band it would be DIY all the way too.



Mel - Indeed where do you start? What programs do you use to create the look?


Laura Photoshop of course but I have taught myself and I still don’t know how to use everything I love it! It’s fucking endless and I hate how people used to say ‘oh Macs are for art n design you can’t compare to a pc??? Well I’ve been on a Mac n hated it everything is more complicated to do the same shit!


Mel - Where do you get all your inspiration?


Laura People n songs, dunno with all the shit I do to pictures of myself it’s not always about myself but u know I feel free with my own pics. I dont wanna fuck with other peoples image generally because who am I to represent them? I show myself and my ideas n thoughts through my own. Also I’ve become kinda obsessed with cats n kittens through having my own n seeing other peoples. They’re the most beautiful things they are. I wish I was one!


Image: Colleen (From Choking Susan) by Laura

Mel - You’ve chosen a few known punk singers to cartoonise in your own unique style. Why did you choose Colleen Caffeine and Tara Rez?


Laura – Haha I  found them at the bottom of my garden! Nah I  found one through the other but I cant say I really know them but at least they’re ‘real’ in that they are not always too busy or too’ rockstar’ to leave me a few words. Ii mean you don’t get much from ‘famous’ bands on here do you? Well the common Jo Blow (Must be our UK version of Joe Bloggs) doesn’t, so I feel happy whenever they take time to gimmie a shout. Its not that I wanna meet this group, they’re my idols kinda shit, it’s just people who make damn good music n I find something fascinating in them I can draw them. Yeah.


Mel - Have you given any thought to publishing them on your own web site or book format? If not you really should do!!


Laura – Well I have a bit to do before any of that. I need to get my twisted priorities straight and find my place so I can create a few more. Depressing really, you have to have a shitty job to pay the bills for this and that. Life gets in the way, n so does drunkenness sometimes. Hope I have a lot of time ahead to make something I’m proud of whether its a proper site or book or whatever.


Image: Tara (from The Duel by Laura)


Mel - Who’s next in your art collection? What about Texas Terri? Soooo have you got any ideas for your next pieces?? Hint hint…ermmm


Laura – Dunno about ‘pieces’ sorry I’m not mocking you hehe I’ve just never referred to stuff in this way! Have you noticed I’ve done a piece of my boyfriend and my cats of a sad little perverted girl that doesn’t exist? Well that’s what I do when I’m not confident on drawing someone else. I’ve started a few of you Ms Mel and some of this guy ‘English punk’ off MySpace too n wasn’t happy with the outcome(s). I really wanna portray people who are real properly you know.


Mel – Oh pretty please I want one!! What music are you currently listening to and what other bands do you listen to. Who can you recommend for our readers?? Who’s the finest original punk band in your eyes?


Laura Don’t wanna say anything cus I’m not splashing my views on people. All I can say is I hope people overseas are getting some good Australian shit into their ears n if they aren’t they’re missing out n we don’t want you here! Haha.

I like The Dreamkillers, Jello Biafra says they’re fucking satanic but they aren’t, they’re mean and also Blowhard, Mouthguard, Bastard Squad and check out the lil rockabilly psychos of Checkered Fist. Wow I just seen sham 69 and The Business are playing here soon! I’ve seen sham 69 a couple of months back that’s fucking the best, with Bastard Squad ! woohoo it’s about time cunts started coming down here.


Mel - Does it bother you that you were just a twinkle in your mother’s eye when punk broke the headlines? How you feel about not being there first time around)


Laura – Can’t say I’m bothered, neither was my boyfriend, or his mates. Well they were mere kittens but they know what’s what as much as the next.


Mel - You love cats in all forms, but just what is it about cats, both wild and domestic which inspires you?


Laura – I used to watch documentaries with my dad and shows like, when animals attack, n I always was scared by them. Like when mountain lions ran off with a little girl n ate it I always thought they’d come into my room n take me! But yer I find it awesome we can have little pint size versions living with us and they depend on you and could really do some damage! But they love you and yeah dog’s n guinea pigs don’t do it for me. I love rats too I miss having my rats.


Mel - Are there any causes that are close to your heart?

Laura - Well I don’t donate to none of that because I don’t believe they’re doing much about the ‘cause’ I support with my heart n mind but you can never stop people being complete shit and slaughtering I  just think ‘pig scum I hate you’


Mel - What do you see for yourself this year? What are your hopes and aspirations?


Laura - I hope to have some good times n no bad things happen. I’ve been lucky so far, other people I know have had real bad stuff and I fear that. But from day to day I just wanna be ok. I’d like to quit smoking, cut drinking and be a lovely person all the time but I don’t see that happening in the near future. I’d like to change jobs, well jobs are shit all together, so you need to go a bit crazy in your free time. So cheers to more free time to do more art n listen to music ta.


Mel – Thanks Laura….hope you manage to create a little cartoon image of Bella and me this year!


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All photos and images created by Laura

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Interview by Mel 31.1.09


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