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Tonight is a special gig as a launch for local band The Longest Day's new 3 track CD ep, a mouth-watering teaser of what is to be expected from their highly anticipated as yet unnamed debut album. The support band Grott Party arrive on the Mr Kyps stage with an air of comedy and arrogance in equal amounts, playing their guitars fast and loud just like the rock gods they actually believe that they are. The subject matter of their lyrics are really quite random and refreshingly different, a song about president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe simply called "Vote or Die",with a another track called "" which had a very annoyingly catchy chorus which as I looked around I saw most people in the audience singing along to. The are from a small suburb of Poole called Upton and they are possibly one of the best/only bands to evey come out of there. The band comprise of Lewis Murray in the zany shades on lead vocals/guitar, Dan Davis on bass and Ryan Murray on drum/vocals. Considering the band only played their 1st gig back in December this 3 piece rock outfit can certainly entertain and hold an audiences interest. Further tracks such a "Tittybar" , "Log on to Love" and the controversial "At least Sixteen" provides a great ending to their short and highly amusing set, who says that you can't mix comedy with rock'n' roll.
I really cannot hide my enthusiasm for this band , I first saw The Longest Day on the stage at the Gander in Bournemouth as a 3 piece and just listening to Dan's voice and the searing melodic guitars gave made the hairs on the back on my neck stand up. Tonight's sees the band arrive on stage as a four piece with the addition of guitarist Tom Gee,  to an already large following of  loyal fans, they are all dressed in black and sporting the new TLD logo, they almost look like they have had some kind of rock make over. They have been in the studio paving the way for a future that is yet unknown, people will sit up and listen to this band as they have as I have said before something very special. The sound tonight in Mr Kyps is perfect and The Longest Day do not disappoint, as well as the regular live classics, the crowd are treated to a few newer songs such as fast paced "I See Through You" which kicks off with a great duelling guitar intro and "Suburban Hell" which is a much slower number which included a guest violinist which added a nice addition to the sound. After a short break the band were called back for an encore which was made up of an extended version of "Content Enough' which was truely impressive and showed the band at their best combining their vocals and guitars, with an addition of a Metallica style jam at the end. The band left the stage to huge applause from everyone in the audience who all obviously thoroughly enjoyed their night in the company of two great bands.
The Longest Day's new 3 track Album Sampler is out now and can be purchased here for £3.00.
King of Infamy
I see through you 
No more Heroes
Suit of lies
Breathe More Air 
Suburban Hell      
Time Will Tell
Content Enough 


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