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We took a trip up the M6 tonight to check out two bands off MySpace. We were pleasantly surprised to find four bands were on the bill. We were in Preston, at a very small venue bar/club called ‘The Mad Ferret’, classed as Preston's newest live music venue, opposite the University. The patrons had free entrance tonight, therefore a cheap night was in store. It was pretty packed as we arrived, so we didn't manage to hit the front spot until later on. Besides which there appeared to be a hardcore group of lads in a shall we say 'merry' mood close to the stage.We had in this order, Underdogs, KunK, Exile Parade, and The Paris Riots, the latter appear to becoming the cream of the North West's newest bands. I was eager to see and hear them live.

MySpace Mad Ferret - 


Underdogs: Philip Moss - Vocals, Dave Bertram - Guitar/Vocals, Mark Jackson - Guitar, Phil Scarisbrick - Bass Matthew Gibbons - Drums.

We arrived as a five-piece group of local lads, were into their set, playing indie driven pop music. The small gathering were pretty rowdy, throwing beer, a few slaps in the face and general high jinx abound. However, the band went down a storm luckily and everyone was singing along. It seems they have a small following in these parts, hosting a regular night here. I was too busy trying to get a few decent shots of the bands and missed the names of some of their song titles. They did however promote their new single ‘Angel On Your Shoulder’, which went down a treat. We came in just into half their set but what we did hear was cool. Well done lads, loving the new single.



KunK: James Davey - Vocals/Guitar, Wayne Davey - Guitar, Hannah Veale - Bass, Ritch Hurren -  Drums.


This band are Alternative/Rock, from Norwich, they consist of an impressive, passionate vocalist, hard-hitting bass & drums. They did well to ignore the small army of drunken guys falling around the stage area. Influences appear to be Nirvana, Queens Of The Stone Age and other thrashing pop/punky/grungy style bands. With mantras such as their recent single ‘We’re Not Who You Think We Are’, they are a sure fire hit.The bands have tour dates until Sept, catch them before they start onto bigger venues.





Exile Parade: Lomax - vocals, Phil - guitar/Backing Vocals, Chris - lead Guitar, Dave - bass, Mutchy - drums. 

Loving this bands attitude and style immensely, the music awesome! Oasis, is the nearest influence if we’re looking for comparisons, but minus the ego and swagger. The bands are yet another North West offering from down the M6 in Warrington. The crowd were even more inebriated and a little wild, sitting on shoulders, the barman appeared to be acting as security, he seemed concerned and told one of the guys to calm down. Lomax is a slender, snake hipped, gyrating singer with the bottle to whip his shirt off and do it topless, so wrapped up his performance he slipped to the floor, but easily made it part of the act. The guitarist is a dead ringer for a younger Oasis sibling. I managed to catch a few of their song, titles, the new single ‘Heart Into Suicide’ (Love It), and ‘Fire Walk With me’, and ‘Life Of Crime’.



Once again the crowd of enthusiasts loved them, singing along, they appeared to know the words too.

Very entertaining, they would be better in a larger venue, with a much bigger stage. Another band who are doing the rounds for the next few months. Catch them at The Parr Hall, Warrington 24.04.09 with Clint Boon from Inspirational Carpets DJ set, and other dates until June. I think I’ll give these guys another whirl, maybe the Leigh venue, Hey you gotta lotta soul.- Mick Middles could well be right "The most promising band to emerge in the last five years"



The Paris Riots: Toby Connor -Vocals, Guy Connor - Guitar and Vocals, Kevin Martin - Bass, Scott McKnight - Drums.


Manchester based band The Paris Riots, are the band I’d been eagerly waiting for arrived on the stage around 11.30pm. Initially there was a fault with the mike and we heard a little bit of feedback noise. Once they got started properly it all came together nicely, a mixture of rock/folk rhythm factory with touches of punky rocking beats. In one of the songs, I heard a Siouxsie & the Banshees bass line, I think it might have been ‘Happy House’. They made it look natural, the vocals clear and strong. Toby reminds me of a northern Jim Morrison, musicians with a laid back approach, dressed down in dark clothing, they like their caps, guess you might called it shabby chic, (but please someone buy Toby a new pair of boots).


They have a very powerful set list: Hotel, 12, White Wine, Vampire, Wasted, Introspection, Maisonette, Red Of The Mist, New One, Indian. My favourite by far was ‘Indian’, a mellow start and kicks ass into the middle section, ‘Hotel Of Infidels’Manchester’s rock ‘n’ roll scene. I’m definitely up for another visit to see these guys play again, bring it on!! I can't wait for their album. When is it guys?
a close second. Forget Twisted Wheel, they are the future of

Check out more photos in the album here.






Review & Photo's by Mel 13/04/09

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