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After having an invite to the midweek launch night, we arrived for a second helping on the proceeding Saturday evening, taking my 82 year old Mother as a treat, to witness once more the splendour of this venue. It was a show they had billed as 'The show they wished they’d done on earth', it was a pretty full house, we got a table by the front, with full hostess service, and the paying guests received a free bottle of bubbly to start their evening in grand style. It was a night of retro heaven as we had two Burlesque Queens (Daiquiri Dusk and Susie Sequin) performing acts and a tribute show to celebrate Frank Sinatra and the late Marilyn Monroe, all wrapped up in the opulent surroundings. 

‘Harlot Mascara’ introduced the first act, with a homage to Gypsy Rose Lee [the worlds most famous and original striptease/burlesque dancer from the 1950’s era]. Susie Sequin emerged stage left, a trained dancer who teased her way out of her long black dress, and huge feather boa and left us gazing at just nipple tassels and a saucy smile.

Frank Sinatra was next on the agenda, well not exactly Frank, it was ‘Perfectly Frank and his Frankettes’ with moody lighting and the mellow opening track of ‘I’ve Got You Under My Skin’. He soon had us all singing along with a set of Frank Sinatra’s most famous of songs.’ Frank’ is actually David Knopov and has previously performed for King Constantine of Greece on his 70th birthday party, as well as for the Queen. ‘Franks’ set consisted of a few tracks I’ve played over the years  from ‘I Get A Kick Out Of  You’, and  ‘Fly Me To The Moon’. ‘Frank’ donned a trilby hat and drank from his whisky tumbler, later in the show; even a cigarette (presumably was a fake). At one point in the proceedings we had a heckler, shouting for ‘Mr Bojangles’ with an American accent he announced “I’ll leave that for the kids, Robbie Williams, I’ve got shoes older”. Finally he closed his set with the Bobby Darin number ‘Jack The Knife’.


I could barely contain myself as I waited for the blonde bombshell to appear [being an almost life long Monroe aficionado]. I caught a glimpse of white hair, peering around the stage door as Frank introduced us to Laura Nixon as ‘Marilyn Monroe’, who came onto the set a little later than anticipated [but then Marilyn was never was a stickler for time keeping]. Voted the “Most Sensational Marilyn Monroe Tribute Act” in the UK and spotted by Steve Coogan, who having witnessed the performance exclaimed that she was “the sexiest Marilyn since Monroe”.

Looking remarkably more like ‘Marilyn’ than anyone I’ve witnessed before, wearing a tight black dress with obligatory jewels, but of course diamonds are a girl’s best friend. She burst into ‘My Heart Belongs To Daddy’ as she scanned the audience for any possible ‘sugar Daddies’, “I like older men” she purred and proceeded to walk around the room, chatting a little to the Guys.

‘Marilyn’ sang all the classic show stopping numbers such as ‘I Wanna Be Loved By You’, ‘Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend’, and a couple of songs I hadn’t heard before, ‘Sugar In My Bowl’, and ‘Like Some Other Men Do’. ‘Marilyn’ conversed with us in-between songs, and made the character really spring to life, bringing out the comedic Marilyn instead of the tragic person we have all read about.

Marilyn even found a Joe [one of her husbands was Joe DiMaggio – the famous baseball player] in the audience who happened to be celebrating a birthday. Armed with this knowledge she sprang from the stage and brought him onto the stage, singing seductively ‘Happy Birthday Joe’, inviting him to wrap his arms around her, clasping his hands around her groin area, a very embarrassed looking Joe kindly obliged. He remained on the stage for an entire song, as she used her warm wit and comically routine to beguile us. The show was over way too soon for my liking, Laura as ‘Marilyn’ is most definitely an illustrious performer, and full marks for keeping Marilyn’s spirit alive. Don’t miss ‘Marilyn’ if she’s in town it’s the closest you’ll get to the Hollywood legend!

Daiquiri Dusk, is an explosive cocktail mixture, who follows Marilyn's exit, onto the stage, she emerges with a striptease routine based on balloons. Proceeding to pop them one by one, finally exposing a candy bar striped bustier and red bra and thong set, which she teased and whirled around in, with popped balloons strewn the stage she departed the stage tongue-in-cheek fashion,

Susie Sequin returned for another sensational dance display, bringing with her a huge pair of crimson feather fans, she dazzled us with a beautiful seduction of colour, poise, and lushness. For us sadly bringing the show to its grand finale.

What happened next I’m guessing was a dynamite meeting of icons - a Marilyn and Frank duet, but I’m only surmising as unfortunately we had to leave at 10.45pm for the last train home, before the curtain fell, but what we did see left us wanting more and more…more more more!! Bravo to everyone at Mo*niques for another superbly entertaining evening.

3 Temple Court,
Matthew Street,
L2 6PY

Review & photos by Mel [Mudkiss Photography]

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