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MudKiss - Punk Party Camden Town

A Camden venue, a packed out list of hot tipped rockers, and many enthusiastic volunteers will make this a powerful show! Moreover, this single event moves the buzzworthy fanzine into the big league and shows off the significant horse power that this team of anarchists really have. This is the first in a series of concerts for the progressive eZine, where reasonably new bands  showcase their anxiety. To see what all the hype and fuss is all about, I tracked down Lorraine and Mel from MudKiss.

Q: I know that the gig has been an event the team has been discussing since the beginning of MudKiss. And in the early days it appeared to be a challenge or a vision way off in the future. But, now here you are, and together you have reached a wonderful milestone. How does this make you feel?

Mel: Well, I need to put the record straight here, as I don't want to steal anyone's thunder. It was actually Lorraine who has organised all this from the Southern end of the Mudkiss quarters.
But oh my god when Lorraine told me she had finalised this party I couldn't believe it. All credit to Lorraine she seems to have pulled it off, most of the bands have been interviewed by Lorraine on our very pages which is fantastic.
I can't wait to finally actually meet Lorraine, we have been online friends for like around 3 years now, but never actually met, so will be great to get that 'Mudkiss' snapshot at last. Also meeting other Mudkissers, such as Den and Encoule will be fantastic as well as just a great day out, meeting people we have only spoken to online.

Lorraine: For me, on a personal level, this has been a brilliant achievement and got me on quite a high. I look back at when we first started MudKiss and never cease to be amazed at how it has taken off. It really shows that if you just get out there and do something, anything is possible. I have to say all credit to Mel for running the website, her energy, enthusiasm and consistency really is the backbone of MudKiss. Many people are surprised to hear that Mel and I have still to actually meet in real life, yet she is my 'virtual' big sis! We toyed with the idea of some kind of get together for the growing MudKiss family and possibly some of the bands we had interviewed playing and meeting up. Mel has a very full and busy life and with my being in London it was just the natural progression that I would carry the flame on this one. I have to mention my friend Loz here, a DIY promoter who goes under the name of 'Beerbelly', it really was watching how smoothly and successfully he can run and organise an all day event with twelve bands that made me think "Hell, yeah, I can do this". I am of-course learning that it isn't quite as easy as he makes it look. That said, everyone is being really helpful and a big thanks to Ray from First Step Management who is coming to help organise the whole day for a few beers and a place to sleep. That's looking as if he may be one of many in a row on my floor that night, but I am really looking forward to it.

Q: MudKiss has built a huge following, that includes band members and artists from all over the world. And because of the the media reaction and buzz on the street toward this event, you have turned bands away. Would you like to see other events? Or maybe other regions?

Lorraine: Without a doubt I really believe that this is just the beginning. There are too many good bands out there and when you hear them, meet and interview them, you just want other people to hear them. Bringing them together in an event like this is fantastic. It's a real buzz. The great thing about the origins of MudKiss is that Mel and I were at different ends of the country, so had access beyond the North/South divide.
Following the positive reaction to this event Mel is already looking into a similar event in the North at Christmas. The whole MudKiss phenomenon just keeps growing and I just see this as another creative avenue for us.

Mel: Oh yea, this is something I am currently in talks with for the North West. It's in the embryonic stages so I don't want to say too much, but needless to say I would like to see bands I have interviewed and reviewed who have impressed me in my area, as I think we should promote local bands, plus there is a tremendous amount of talent in the North.
It's likely to be a night time gig, a Mudkiss Christmas Party, and we have tentatively pencilled in Dec 10th. As organising an event is not something I  have done before I have asked a guy who does this on a regular basis to organise it for us. So watch this space, fingers crossed. Lorraine has spurred me on to try this out over here, and if it goes well who knows? Ya can't knock us for trying, although some have before!

Q: How would you describe the feedback so far? Do you have some examples of peoples reactions? Any name dropping would be OK here !

Mel: Well, friends have been really supportive and my closet friend Vanessa and her teenage son are travelling to London with me and my partner for the day.
Rob from 'Mayhem Deranged' sent me a supportive message, hope he doesn't mind me saying so. He donated some money to the web site, and commented
about how much he loved the site "it has come on so much - it's truly meteoric!". That really touched me, and I believe the band are all planning a visit on the Sunday, also Mark Helfond whom I interviewed on Mudkiss, he used to work for Bernie Rhodes and The Clash. We are hoping some of the Strummercamper organisers will come over with Rob Galloway from The Yalla Yallas, and George Kimpton the infamous ex Rough Trade Director says he is coming, plus other people we have interviewed for the site. It would be great to see everyone there who we interviewed.

I think peoples reactions have been very favourable and honestly no one has appeared at all surprised, they must realise that we are a force to be
reckoned with lol. First the website, then a book, now an event, whatever next a movie maybe ?

Lorraine: For me, the positivity has been felt in how enthusiastic and willing to be part of this everyone has been, for little or nothing in return, from all the bands involved to the legend that is Lew Man offering to hand out flyers in Camden Town. Lusty from "Who Shot Who" merely asks for £5000 in used notes, a naked chauffeur, lots of snogs and cups of tea all day

Q: As an Internet fanzine and punk rock gig organizer, your business model is very progressive. Does the team see this as the beginning of a trend for bands and zines to re-claim the DIY spirit and develop a different scene?

Mel: Well, you once said something, I can't remember the exact quote but it was along the lines of we were raising the bar for the traditional fanzine. Who would of thought we would have got this far? We do literally have people viewing the site from every corner of the globe, nothing is impossible if you have the time and energy to get out there and just do it!

Lorraine: I think the DIY spirit is very strong out there anyway, and each person takes their own creative route. Our progression has been very natural and allowed for our individuality, we are just lucky that it works, it just seems to be the right chemistry. There is a younger punk scene in London that I see as very self governing, and I am very interested to see how that develops. I think that that inspires me rather than visa versa.

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