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My Passion are fast becoming one of the UK's hottest new metal acts, it seems at the moment they have been on every cover of all  the Rock magazines along with their videos being played on the music channels. 2011 sees the release of their second album 'Inside the Machine' which should catapult the band to a larger global market. The band arrive in Southampton as part of a 19 date tour of the UK, possibly playing some of this country’s smaller music venues for the last time. The venue has totally sold out tonight and the place is packed full of excited fans awaiting the evenings entertainment to start.

The evening is started off in fine style with a local South coast band The Light Divided, a four piece no nonsense rock band who deliver a great set of well written emotionally driven songs that packed a real punch, this provided the crowd with an excellent start to the evening. The band have just released a new 5 track EP 'Who We Are' , which has really proved that this band are certainly a force in the local music scene, the performances of tracks from the EP such as 'Aces High' and 'Bad Blood' show some excellent vocal and guitar work which is goes down really well with the Southampton crowd.

If I'm totally honest I hadn't heard of 'Death By April' before tonight and wasn't quite sure what to expect, I was in the minority as most of the Southampton crowd were singing along to most of their numbers. They are a five piece hardcore metal band from Gothenburg, Sweden who bounded on to the stage and immediately  created complete chaos in the crowd,  with a circle pit sending hot sweaty bodies flying all over the place bouncing off the walls.

The bands are fronted by two vocalists who both aggressively bound around the stage and have completely different styles of vocal delivery which is backed by heavy melodic rock guitars. The band slow the pace down a little with a new song titled 'Promise me' giving the audience the chance of a well earned rest. This the band's second trip to the Joiners as they were here recently supporting reggae metal band 'Skindred' where they obviously impressed, as they got such a great reception from the audience tonight.

After two such impressive supports 'My Passion' had their work cut out to keep the momentum of the evening going, before they even took to the stage, the excited crowd were singing along to the music played over the PA building the excitement up to show time. The lights went out and the intro music started along with an eye-catching lightshow, the girls in the audience started to scream almost so loud that you couldn't hear the start of the bands first number.

Lead singer Laurence Rene certainly knows how to work an audience and he worked tirelessly giving the audience exactly what they wanted delivering perfect vocals  on numbers such as 'Crazy & Me' and the fast paced 'The Girl Who lost her Smile' from the soon to be released new album 'Inside The Machine' . The set ended as it had started with the band's keyboard lead new single 'Asleep in the Asylum' with the ever tiring crowd put in the last efforts into yet another circle pit on the dance floor. Tonight was undeniably a superb evening of great music played by three bands that gave everything to entertain the fans that had taken the trouble to come down and support live music and if it is always as great as this they will always be back for more.

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