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The day has finally arrived, the most eagerly anticipated gig of the year - the bands name came from a doll repair shop called 'The New York Doll Hospital' and they became 'The New York Dolls!!' They invented dirty rock and roll – punk before punk was invented in the early 70's. 'The old grey whistle test' springs to mind when I think of the original band, a classic clip. Those of you old enough to remember will know what I mean.

Well, all dressed up and somewhere to go. Me and John head down Oxford Road in Manchester, for the New York Dolls eagerly awaited gig at The Academy 2. Looking for a car park we bumped into a couple going in the same direction and started up a conversation. The guy had seen the originals in his day, of course I plugged our Mudkiss site. So let's hope you're reading this.

It was pretty empty in the hall when we arrived so we headed down to the front to get a clear view of the stage and get some good shots of the band later. My pear cider in hand and camera in my pocket I waited patiently.The audience was certainly a mixed bag, from the ages of 14 - 55, from ageing punks and straights to young glam rockers. I thought I spotted a few myspacers, Ken thebass spotted me and came over and said hi. Check out his band The Blimp he's the bassist.

Anyway I digress, let's get on with the show .The support act was a loud raucous band called The Loyalties (....Lorraine.... you'd of loved them). Chunky tattooed guys playing decent punk sounds.Formed in 2006 in Soho, they are described on their page as influenced by such bands as The Clash, The Ramones and Dead boys. 

Check them out

We wait for the Dolls to appear; luckily we didn't have to wait for long. They appeared after a brief playing of classical music to 'Come on boys'…......'Babylon' was the first offering from the Dolls, I was transported back to the heady punk days. David Johansen was in fine form, Mick Jagger double, skinny, snaked hipped with a twinge of Janis Joplin swagger. All he needed was the beads and flowers, peace man! The flowers were to come later.
The band consisted of two original members David Johansen and Sylvain Sylvain, and now joined by Steve Conte, Sami Yaffi and on drums Brian Delaney. I was pleasantly surprised to see Sami Yaffi, last time I saw him play was with Hanoi Rocks at The Hacienda in the 80's. (I should have done my research first, naughty girl) he seemed a lot happier and laughing a lot with the rest of the Dolls.
They make a great team, obviously loving what they do with no pretentiousness, pure sexy rock and roll! The bands were faultless to me but David apologised for his voice as he'd just given up smoking for the millionth time.


Sylvain Sylvain joined Steve above me and sang their hearts out on backing vocals.  I even got a chorus sang to me with a point of the finger 'rock n roll nurse gone to my head'. Where was my nurses outfit when I need it? David dedicated a song to Janis Joplin and Arthur Kane, he did a lot of grinning like a Cheshire cat and twirling around, obviously enjoying himself immensely without any other high except for the energy of the crowd. I noted they were all drinking water.  

'When I say I'm in love you'd better believe it LUV' – the crowd went crazy, and I was singing along like a mad fool – hate it when that happens.Well I been lookin for a real hot kiss'...especially when Steve is posing and pouting over the top of me, he is such a damn flirt with that guitar and swagger. The looks of a classic rock star and posing for the camera – cheers Steve got some cracking photos. I Caught the eye of Steve Conte a few times, he must know Mudkiss want an interview! So come on Steve what you waiting for get in touch !!

They returned for the encore with rapturous approval from the crowd to 'Personality Crisis'.  David threw out a bunch of flowers to the mosh pit heaving crowd. Morrissey would be proud. I managed to snatch the playlist before some eager school boys got there first – sorry lads! Got outside ears tingling and ringing from being stood in front of the speakers, bumped into my buddy Steve (infamous shytalk fanzine editor) had a natter and photo session. I'm now having withdrawal symptoms so playing the first album again. One thing to do before you die go watch the great legendary band they won't disappoint.



Check them out:

'Ahhh how you call your lover boy…..Trash'……….can't get it out of my head !

Review/photos by Mel

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