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For one night only it was time to get stuck in the mosh pit with a gang of marauding teenage girls, screaming and yelling - where were we? Liverpool Carling Academy courtesy of Jamie Osborne (All Red Management) but what a fucking amazing night !! One security guard talking to another " It's choca tonight, full of kids". The atmosphere was sheer blazing, three solid bands playing their hearts out. What a sparkling, electric night - we left with our ears ringing and hearts singing. 

First band on stage were local boys - My Auntie Sam. A band of young cheeky Scousers, wonderful tight hard edged rockin music.Obviously they have a big following in Liverpool, been around the local circuit a while supporting bands.Great name too, wonder was Auntie Sam there?

Very lively, fast paced guitar driven and you'd think they'd been on the circuit for years. Very enjoyable for us oldies and of course you're all a big hit with the girls at the front, judging by the screaming and yelling - it's Beatlemania all over again (hey but I'm not that old. Greg (Vocal, Guitar), Ant (Bass, keyboards) Jordan (Lead Guitar), Demo (Drums). For Bookings contact:

General Fiasco were the next band up a three piece band from Northern Ireland. Owen (Vocals and Bass), Enda (Guitar and Vocals), Leaky (Drums. A band from the same stable as One Night Only, great tracks such as: 'Ever So Shy','Start At The Top' and the new single 'Rebel Get By' great track belted out with some force from vocalist Owen. Confident and assured in his stage presence. I had half hoped to see the boys in their trunks as shown on their Myspace profile image but I guess modesty prevailed - what we did get was a slick sounding groovy band. New single out now 'Rebel Get By'.

One Night Only - finally they arrived on stage at 9.30pm to a raucous applause, a bunch of skinny, teenage fantasy cute boys, the lead singer George recently turned 18, with mops of hair and a sweet attitude from Helmsley Yorkshire. The band started out in 2003 and have had some chart success, at no 9 with 'Just for Tonight'.They have grown from playing smaller venues, supporting bands to headlining at bigger venues, they've also played this year at various festivals such as Glastonbury. They raged onto the set with the thunderous 'He's There' the chorus 'started a fire' and it continued to burn, they never let up, full of beans, self assured and stars in the making, in fact they are half way there.The stage set was vibrant, 'One Night Only' 'Started a Fire' blazed in lights which gave the impression they had 'arrived' - when George bellowed that it was hot, and took his top off half way through the set half the girls in the mosh pit almost had a heart attack."Get yer kit of George" I overheard! They never let up and gave one hell of a performance which belied their ages.

I guess comparisons abound with McFly, The Kooks and other young teenage boy bands, but ONO have a lot more to offer and an edge to them. Jesus these guys can play, move and groove with the best of em. Also they aren't just for the younger element, they would appeal to older generations, more indie, punk based I would say, with superb chorus lines. I hear traces of The Fratellis with thrashing guitars in some of their tunes.They are an inspiration for a generation.

Set list:

He's There
It's Alright
Do You Know What I Mean
You & Me
Stay At Home
What's Your Melody
Sweet Sugar
Start Over
Intentional Confidential

The encore treated us to two new tracks.'Intentional Confidential', 'J.T.F'. I couldn't wait for 'Just For Tonight' to be played (my fav) they saved the best till last. I videoed the whole song, it was the pivotal moment of the evening. My heart was racing and rocking - you know when you've seen a great band, it leaves you tingling with that extra 'something'! Check out their Debut album 'Started A Fire' produced by U2 Producer Steve Lillywhite. 

George Craig - (Vocals, guitar) - Jack Sails - Keys - Mark Hayton - Guitar - Daniel Parkin - Bass - Sam Ford -  Drums.

'Just for tonight, just maybe we’ve made it,sing like you want this'('Just For Tonight') And you certainly did !! What a stunning performance - you're gonna be massive, be prepared for hysteria. Feel VERY proud !


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