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At the 02 Academy, Liverpool, scores of people queued up for last minute tickets, inside the hall it was packed out at 7.30pm. Almost certainly a sell out show. Up front was chock a block but as usual that doesn’t deter me, I steer my way through hordes of little teenage girls, who were not amused at my cheekiness. I’m sorry but nothing less than a front row will do!

The opening act tonight was Josh Weller, a melodic four piece; they certainly warmed the crowd up. Josh, a modern day Buddy Holly, with windswept hair style, and 50’s style clothing had the crowd whipped to a frothy cappucino.

Paloma Faith glided onto the stage, a cross between Betty Boop, Edith Piaf & Marilyn Monroe, singing ‘Do You Want The Truth Or Something Beautiful’ in dramatic Hollywood style fashion, hidden behind two large fans, and eventually revealed her magnificent ensemble, a sculptured white dress complete with removable ruffled collar, not unlike a Vivienne Westwood creation, an astonishing hat (apparently designed by someone from Liverpool, Paloma encouraged us to go out and buy), glitter make up, tottering on enormous platform stilettos, encrusted with diamantes she launched into the first number. I felt as if I was viewing a magnificent Burlesque show. She encouraged us all to “sing along to anything you know”. I was captivated; it makes a refreshing change from watching sweaty, tattooed male rockers for a bit anyway. 

The crowd went wild, calling out, “Your gonna be more famous than Michael Jackson”, which didn’t get a response. Although I must say she is a very people centred person, she videoed us all for utube a couple of times on her mobile. She is a stunning woman, with a very sweet nature, theatrical and striking in all she presents on stage, together with a spectacular voice which rang out without missing a note. The downside is that she’s now lost her voice according to her Facebook. She dedicated a song for all the MySpacers, and the old Skool fans who knew her before she was signed.

During one of her songs she performed an unusual procedure, dusting her gorgeous dress with brightly coloured powers, dished off a silver platter, with a huge power puff, now she was dancing and whirling around in a multi coloured dress, and paint splashed face, like a mannequin doll, very unique. The crowd went wild when she rocketed into ‘I Luv Ya’, a more raunchy number. The teenyboppers screamed and held their arms stretched out to grab hold of the dancing doll.

'Stone Cold Sober'

Time went by so quickly and before we knew it, it was almost over, she did a dying swan act on the floor, before walking off the stage, the crowd were cheering and stamping there feet for more. Paloma had sang most of her debut album, memorable songs being ‘Smoke & Mirrors’,  ‘Stone Cold Sober’, and ‘Upside Down’ the audience loved it when she bellowed out ‘Sexy Chick’  and the finale was the intro to Frank Sinatra’s ‘New York, New York’, then burst forth into her own ‘New York’.

Paloma returned for an encore saying “I wouldn’t go without saying goodbye” and “Who likes Christmas, I’d be stupid not to go on tour with Josh and not do our song wouldn’t it”, Josh then appeared and they asked for the lights to go up, and tried to get us to do some kind of participation, to perform a wave, then promptly filmed it for her podcast on youtube and burst into song. ‘Its Christmas And I Hate You ‘, it was a pretty majestic duet.

'Its Christmas And I Hate You' - Josh & Paloma

She was only on stage for around an  hour, so we had to catch the earlier train than planned. If she’s in your town and not sold out, I’d get a ticket while you can, she’s got star quality by the bucket load, a true vamp who sparkles with just the right amount of eccentricity, a born performer and she’s gonna be massive. A really entertaining show, bursting with feel good vibes all round, I think I’ve just witnessed the performance of the year! We've already got tickets for the next tour in 2010, looking forward to seeing another spectacular theatrical show.

'New York'

Lead Vox: Paloma Faith, Guitar: Seye Adelekan, Bass: Andrea Goldsworthy, Drums: Sam Agard, Keys: Dom Pipkin, BV's Lianne Charlotte Barnes, Baby Sol, Jetta and Seye Adeleka.

Review/photos & videos by Mel 

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