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Arriving early, a night of anticipation, unsure what to expect from our local live music venue. Solution@Plan B, sits in a small back street in the centre of Warrington, up the stairs and you’re into a loft area, pretty empty at 8pm. A few of the band members milling back n forth from another division of the loft. A strange set up for a live venue, we peer into the band area, no stage, just like someone’s rehearsal space. There was apparently three bands playing although no flyers up, no one seemed to know much, so I had to wait until the end of the individual sets to find out who they were. The guy on the door sat at a table and took our £3 entrance fee. It took me back to my youth club days. The small assembly seemed to consist of friends and family of the bands, there seemed to be lots of hugging around and general welcoming.

From what we could detect, there was probably only a handful that was actually unknown to the band/s. A small white area with graffiti walls, no stage, shambolic set arrangement, crap lighting, so a flash camera has to be used for the photos. It almost felt like you were watching a studio set. One little plus came in the form of the DJ, he played some great old stuff.


Around 9.45pm the first band came on Victor Talking Machine – find them here:


A young three piece band, all the way from London, they consist of Stephen - Guitar/Vocals, Ricky - Bass/Vocals, Alfie - Drums.

Whilst not much of an image as such, or stage presence they played some blinding music, dark, psychedelic, atmospheric & loud. The drumming was amazing, but there seemed to be some technical problems and the vocals weren’t clear but they certainly have potential. Jesus & Mary Chain appear to be a heavy influence and it shines through. A few tunes which I enjoyed were ‘Date Models’ (I only know this from their MySpace, but recognised it). They were later joined by another guy on guitar & vocals, who I later found to be a guy called Jason Dean Flange (again the wonderful MySpace detecting), he could pass for a good Ewan McGregor and gave a cool performance, which can be seen here. This guy I found out yesterday was called Jimmy Lawler, and he died in early October 2009 suddenly at a very young age, R.I.P Jimmy, it was nice to see your perform even just briefly. He apparently used to be a full time member of the band, he performs with them in the video below.



The Witches - The next band up which again I had no clue until I asked the DJ who said “The Witches and I love em”. The band are: Gib Lyn, Trebor Smith, Karl Starchild Astbury, Walt Gilbert.

A band with a bit of ‘Zodiac Mindwarp’ grungy look about them, all moustached and goateed, with long dark hair. Looking very ‘rock ‘n’ roll and hailing from our not too distant shores of Manchester. The guitarist & backing vocalist resembled the Spanish dancer Joaquín Cortés, decked in a pinstriped suit, hat, ponytail, very eye candy indeed. Once again, dark but in a different way, brash, noisy and clashing sounds. I think they were hampered with a few technical problems too. Given the right atmosphere, a bit more interaction with the audience & they could be superb, they are very different. Watch my video below:

Catch them on MySpace:



The night is coming to a conclusion, I presumed next up were The Paris Riots, (an indie band from the North West with a fabulous recommendation from John Robb.) BUT apparently we were mistaken. It turned out to be Kev Fox.

Two guys appeared on stage, one with an acoustic guitar and the other with a double bass. They launched into a kind of Coldplay, folk ensemble, but we'd been expecting “Dirty, Energetic, Rock N`Roll, sounding similar to The Black Crowes” I’d seen The Paris Riots on MySpace recently and this was the reason for me coming tonight.  The duo continued and whilst it was very professional, vocals & music spot on, it just wasn’t my thing really. I wanted the loud, raucous sound that I’d heard about. I did see and recognise some of the band in attendance so wasn’t sure why they didn’t perform, we were just baffled & still are, did we miss something?

(Note: Yes apparently we missed their entire set, we presumed the show finished after the 3rd act, and left straight away. So much for being informed about the bands playing, no flyers around or any intros ect) I was disappointed I didn’t hear the Paris Riots set. Let's hope they play at another North West venue soon.


Catch Kev here: 


Catch The Paris Riots here: or official site: MySpace -


So to round up the night, really annoyed we missed the main band, the venue, I don’t think was conducive to any of the bands on offer tonight, they need more space to move around and show us what they can really do & get some decent lighting!


Review & Photo's by Mel 15.03.09

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